Nth Shore Carpoolers Get Priority


Commuters who share a ride with at least one passenger will get priority parking closest to the terminal at Devonport and Birkenhead wharves and the Albany Park and Ride Station.

North Shore City Council is trialling a scheme that aims to get more people on ferries and buses while making the best use of the car parks available.

Initially Devonport Wharf will have 14 parks dedicated for vehicles with two or more occupants (T2).

Birkenhead wharf will have 20 dedicated parks and the Albany Park and Ride 30.

The car parks will be clearly marked, and on weekdays until 9.30am will be available for car poolers only. Owners of single occupancy vehicles who park in the dedicated spaces before 9.30am risk being ticketed or towed.

North Shore City Council Group Manager Transport Strategy and Planning, Archer Davis, says sharing a ride with family, friends, neighbours or workmates to the bus or ferry means more people on public transport and fewer cars on our roads.

“This is another way to help reduce congestion and will contribute to improving the efficiency of Auckland’s road network,” says Mr Davis.

The trial will run for one year and if successful, more T2 parking spaces will be added at these locations and the scheme extended to other transport hubs including the Constellation Drive station.





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