Pics:Near Tragedy In Newmarket


High winds buffeting Auckland city dislodged part of the roofing on the 5.2 hectare Lion Breweries Khyber Pass Rd Newmarket site just before midday and sent the galvanised iron hurtling towards an oncoming train just over the fence from the brewery yard at the  Kingdon St crossing.

Demolition workers soon afterwards called in to remove the displaced roofing told me it didn’t actually hit the train but parts of the debris went right under it.

A woman who worked nearby said the train seemed to be moving slowly and it was a miracle a tragedy didn’t happen as the driver was able to brake.

The train stopped for some time while fire brigade and other inspections were carried out.

By midday trains were running through the Kingdon St area and the demolition team had removed the debris from the tracks and the roofing iron from the surrounding area. Some pieces are several metres long.

Demolition workers clear up the debris

In 2007 the Lion Brewery site on Khyber Pass Road was sold to AMP Capital Investors for $162 million to be redeveloped as high-end commercial, residential and retail development but there has still be no announcement about what’s happening to the site.

The brewery is still using the yard at the location although it has largely relocated to a new facility in East Tamaki.
The temporary Kingdon St train station , used only on the Western Line, was demolished early this year just before new Newmarket train station on Remuera Rd opened.

Photo credit: Photos are mine except the photos of the train . If you’re the photographer and want a credit or want it removed, email me



  1. Ian says:

    The important thing is that no beer was lost.

  2. des says:

    Pity the powers that be still make walkers, crossing the tracks at kingdon St, walk up the side of the tracks 50m to cross rather than putting the ped maze where the old platform remains in the middle of the street. Some day a rape,or mugging will happen here all due to lazyness of planners,


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