SH20 Walmsley Upgrade Starts Tonight


NZTA will be starting the SH20 Walmsley Upgrade Project tonight -  the section between Auckland International Airport and Manukau.

The project to widen a section of SH20 will be completed mid 2011 , just before the RWC 2011.

Currently, SH20 consists of three southbound lanes from Queenstown Road to Walmsley Road, which then reduces to two lanes south of Walmsley Road. The project involves adding a third motorway lane south of Walmsley Road Overbridge. The three lanes then diverge to two lanes each way to SH20 (towards Manukau) and SH20A (towards Auckland Airport).

The agency is to close the South Western motorway (SH20) from Walmsley Road offramp to Massey Rd (SH20) and Kirkbride Rd (SH20A) tonight between 9pm and 5am, and regular overnight closures of the Southwestern Motorway around Walmsley Road will occur during the project.

Motorists are asked to follow the signposted detours and allow extra time for journeys, especially when travelling to the airport, as delays are possible for the next eleven months.

NZTA advises motorists to observe temporary speed limits in that section of SH20 southbound whilst works are underway.

“Widening this section of the highway will address capacity and safety concerns on SH20, a critical section of the Western Ring Route,” says the NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker. “The planned improvements will mean safer and more reliable journeys for motorists travelling south to Manukau and to Auckland Airport”.




  1. rtc says:

    This really is a critical project to complete before the RWC, especially if the number of tourists bringing their cars over on the plane exceeds expectations.

    But seriously, why can’t some of this free-flowing NZTA money be used to upgrade streets in the CBD….and by upgrade I don’t mean widening.

  2. karl says:

    Because Joyce hath decreed it be not.

  3. Joshua says:

    This is actually worse than described above, because of the current situation, you effectively have one lane going south not two, then it will be extending to 2 lanes with a lane gain at Walmsley. However the biggest advantage is eliminating the weaving effect from people getting on at Walmsley and cutting across to the Airport, this not only is against the standards of crossing length, but dangerous and a safety issue.

    Also this becomes one of the first future proofing project we are implementing at the moment. In around 5years time, with the extra traffic levels due to the western ring route, this section will become a clog point and start backing up traffic.

  4. karl says:

    You part of the NZTA project team, Joshua? Does the widening protect the rail corridor?

    I don’t mind them doing stuff like that, especially if it also has safety benefits, it’s just that it’s like I thought it would be - one motorway project finished, moving on smoothly to the next one. I doubt it will be like that with PT. Once Manukau is inaugurated next year, there will be little until 2013/14 I fear.

  5. Matt L says:

    Karl - What rail corridor, there has never been a formal corridor set but just a rough line on a map showing where it should go. Of course we should be getting one formalised but that doesn’t seem to be happening very fast

  6. Joshua says:

    No not part of NZTA but have a little to do with the certain project, it doesn’t affect the proposed rail corridor at all, it’s heading south after the SH20 and SH20a splits. The rail corridor would be on the other-side of the motorway.

    Also the budget is very tight for the construction, as it should be! Part of the reason is because you have the current Alliance finishing up on the Manukau Harbour Crossing Project, so should do it while the construction team is already there. I agree this theory should be used more on PT projects as well.


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