Big Morningside Weekend


A big weekend of pre-electrification work at Morningside.

To complete work at the level crossing in Morningside Drive, that section of road  will be closed to traffic from 6am Saturday until 8pm Sunday.

A big job this weekend will be to destress the track between Morningside and Kingsland Stations.

Local residents have been warned that destressing work can be noisy as workers need to cut the track and weld it together again, and to use lights to ensure a safe working area.

Some of the rail equipment we will be using are track excavators, which lift the track, rail saws to cut sections of track, grinders, welders, and generators for power.

At about 2am on Saturday KiwiRail will be removing the old rails and sleepers.

On the Sunday it will move a tamper through the area to straighten and balance the tracks.

MORNINGSIDE: Preparation work today in between trains arriving

Teams have already been working to continue with the installation of signalling pits, cables and ducting at Morningside Station.

A major sleeper lay is planned for the period between November 10 and 20.

Staff getting ready today for the busy weekend

The main projects on hand between Kingsland and Avondale, some of which will be done over the Christmas-January rail closure period are:

  • Redevelopment of Baldwin Ave Station
  • Installation of new signalling system (including pits and ducts)
  • Vegetation clearances to allow room for the overhead masts and wires
  • Improvement of track infrastructure eg track and sleeper replacements, improved drainage
  • Installation of electrification masts and foundations

To think it’s not that long when Morningside looked like this when the revamped station was being built!





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