24% Vote So Far, 18% in Wgtn


So far only 24.8 per cent of Auckland supercouncil local body voting documents have been returned two weeks into the three-week voting period.

But that’s a little better than last time in 2007  - when it was 19.2 per cent at the same stage of the voting period.

18.75 percent of votes have been returned to Wellington City Council for the local body elections. This means at least 110,000 registered voters have yet to have their say.

For Auckland, the highest voter turn out so far has been Great Barrier Island with a 41.1 per cent turnout followed by Waiheke on 34.8 per cent. The lowest so far is Kaipatiki on 19.7 per cent.

Voters are told they have to post them back by Wednesday.




  1. karl says:

    5% extra at this stage is actually reasonably good in my book.


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