New Sturges Half Bridge


The new Sturges Rd rail bridge is finally moving ahead - well half of it. Here are photos of how it looks now.
The new bridge is being constructed one side at a time and finally this week that first half is happening, much to the relief of locals and motorists who have had to put up with almost a year of disruption.

The road is closed at the moment while the work is done.

Stage one involved demolition of the original bridge built in 1940 by the old government railways department to ease the rail gradient by excavating a cutting below road level.

The temporary one-way noisy Baileys bridge was put in at the start of the year and installation of truss type support structures done to divert utility services.

After piles were placed and Vector did its relocation work, workers moved to the present stage two involving construction of the new bridge, driveway alterations and final service placement into the new bridge and removal of the two temporary bridges.

With completion of the eastern half of new Sturges Road Bridge almost done, Hawkins will remove the Bailey bridge from site and allow traffic to use the new bridge with a single lane in operation.

That’s half of it. The project won’t be finished until around Christmas.




  1. Matt L says:

    This can’t be finished soon enough, as a local it has been quite annoying how long it has dragged on for.


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