Police: Chase Issue ‘Difficult’


2 more deaths after a police chase today- and a senior police officier says police are in a difficult position when it comes to a fleeing offender or a driver who fails to stop.

The Western Bay of Plenty Area Commander, Inspector Mike Clement, says: “The immediate question for Police and the public alike is why that individual feels the need to take such extreme action to avoid speaking to Police.

“Those who flee from Police put themselves and innocent road users at risk, with the ultimate tragic outcome in this case.

“This incident will not only have a dreadful impact on their families and friends, but also on the Police officers involved and those at North Comms, other emergency services who attended the scene and those in the wider community.”

This morning the two men died after the vehicle they were driving fled from Police in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Inspector Clement says the utility vehicle initially failed to stop for Police on Maunganui Rd in Mt Maunganui. The vehicle had been travelling in excess of 50km/hr in residential area.

“The vehicle was pursued by Police towards Papamoa. During this time, the vehicle took extreme actions to evade Police, including driving around a set of road spikes which had been used in an effort to stop the vehicle.

“After undertaking these evasive manoeuvres, the vehicle was travelling at such high speed that the pursuit was abandoned, and Police staff moved into a search phase.”

Inspector Clement says the vehicle was then seen travelling in Domain Road, Papamoa, with the vehicle again failing to stop for Police. “Authority was given to re-initiative the pursuit towards Te Puke. “The pursuit was then in the process of being abandoned for the second time due to concerns about speed in the Te Puke township, when Police officers lost sight of the fleeing vehicle. A search of the area revealed it had left the road and hit a tree.

“The passenger in the car was dead upon Police arrival at the scene. The driver died at the scene.”

Inspector Clement says Police crash investigators are at the scene and the Independent Police Conduct Authority has been notified. A formal internal Police investigation has also commenced.



  1. karl says:

    Good that no one unconnected was hurt.

  2. Marty McFly says:

    How about changing the law for Police chases. maybe life impriosnment with no parole if you drive away from Police & kill someone?


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