Safe To Cross


At last.. it’s almost safe to cross Sandringham Rd to get to or from the Kingsland railway station.

The long-awaited long -promised traffic lights are being installed at the newly developed area on the corner of Sandringham and Walters Rd and just outside the underpass tunnel entrance at the station.

It’s been a high risk road to cross - made worse in the past many months when footpaths have been interrupted and road space limited while the development work has been going on in the wide vicinity of Eden Park.

I have mentioned several time holding my breath as I see someone dangerously jump through cars across Sandringham Rd after leaving the train at Kingsland.

It’s a shame this couldn’t arrive earlier but at least it’s happening.

And strange that the limited visibility crossing near Kowhai School towards New North Rd has still been kept.




  1. Luke says:

    this needs to be repeated at other locations around the rail network to ensure smooth transfer between rail and buses.
    Something needs to be done at Penrose on Great South road so this can become an interchange between rail and buses.

  2. rtc says:

    It’s starting to, there was one installed outside Newmarket after that was upgraded too. Slowly but surely.


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