Council Lineup Includes Mike Lee


It’s full steam ahead for Mike Lee who was way ahead in the provisional results for the prized inner city and Waihake Waitemata and Gulf seat, beating C&R-supported Heart of the City boss Alex Swney.

He is on 10,523 votes ahead of Swny’s 4979. Independent Rob Thomas has 2647.

There are only 5 C&R councillors on the otherwise independent or left leaning council of 20.

In other interesting battles…

  • Energetic former Newmarket Business Association CEO and one time Banks PR man, Cameron Brewer, wins Orakei -17021 against sitting C&R councillor Doug Armstrong 10433
  • Former mayor Christine Fletcher is back in the council getting the highest vote for the Albert-Eden seat with 19,492 followed by City Visions Cathy Casey.
  • Focus Local’s Mark Donnelly, who often comments on AKT got 5667 for the Albert-EdenRoskill.
  • John Walker and  Calum Penrose look like being the South Auckland winners squeezing out former Manuau mayor Barry Curtis
  • Former North Shore mayor George Wood gets on council
  • Whaleoil blogger got 1186 votes in Albany against Michael Gouldie’s winning 8538. North Shore mayor Andrew Williams got  only 4429
  • Rodney mayor Penny Webster beat out ARC passenger transport chair Christine Rose
  • Waitakere’s deputy Independent Penny Hulse swept into council and is high on the rumours for being Len Brown’s deputy

The 20 councillors are

Photos - Len Brown celebration party




  1. Adrian says:

    Think you’ve got a couple of errors here - Michael Goudie got 8538 votes - not 88538 votes; Cameron Brewer won in Orakei, not Otaki, and it’s Manukau not Manuau.

    Still ,thanks for getting this information out on Twitter so quickly.

  2. Matt L says:

    I hope Mark Donnelly continues to contribute on here as he has some great views.

  3. karl says:

    Too bad Waitemata’s a single-councillor ward - I like Swny even though I preferred Lee.

  4. Jon C says:

    @Thanks Adrian. The Excel spreadsheet I was given of results was quite daunting!

  5. Pickle says:

    I think deputy mayor will be Penny Hulse, Mike Lee or Christine Fletche.

  6. Mark Donnelly says:

    Thanks Matt - the interest in issues doesn’t go away - even if I do!
    so I’m sure I’ll be making comments - just can’t implement anything!

    I want to see (and help) a really good Rail station based rejuvenation of Mt Albert. It would have been a great example of what rail can do for an area - much as I suspect Onehunga will.

    It will be tricky, and needs a very good commerical focus and understanding. But the process has started. Cathy Casey has a passion for Mt Albert - so I’m sure we’ll see it continue.


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