Photos: Inside Eden Park


Here’s Alex K”s look at inside Eden Park, which was officially opened today with a chance for the public to wander around.

The new Entrance A off Walters Street

The Entrance A promenade that leads around into the stadium proper

Part of setting the fun at the opening

A vista of the new South Stand

The stadium views from the Eastern stand

The Umaga-inspired mascot was a hit with the kids

Prime Minister John Key makes the rounds before he officially opens the stadium

The new change rooms for the players

The docking and cargo management sections that run under the new South Stadium

The kitchen facilities are very impressive and everything is very new & shiny

The coach and staff viewing booths

The Pre-opening entertainment was fun if a little odd

Supermayor Len Brown says some words about the success of the new stadium

Prime Minister John Key officially opens the new stadium

Time to meet the people

One of two new jumbotrons to be used in the stadium - the second is still under construction

The food areas look good but don't count on those prices come RWC time!

New Entrance D off Walters Road - looks world class


Key, Brown open stadium

Video of South Stand

How did Eden Park Open Day rate?




  1. Joshua says:

    Great photo’s Alex - I have some more Exterior Ones on my blog at for anybody who couldn’t get there today.

    Have to say that Super Screen is very impressive I must have left before they turned it on.

  2. Chris says:

    It is rightly named ‘The Garden of Eden’

  3. Kettle Watch says:

    Nice coverage of the opening of the open day.

    Some 360′s of Eden park can be found here

  4. Kel says:

    Very Nice!! It would look even better if there weren’t gaps between the grand stands! Anyway, looks very modern and clean!

  5. karl says:

    Not a rugby fan, but looks nice - especially like the carved statues.


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