NZ Tidy Up For RWC 2011


The Government is pushing for a tidy country for when the RWC 2011 happens. It wants plenty of recycling bins in public places in time for the Tournament.

The environment minister has announced a national public recycling programme.

Auckland’s Rugby World Cup 2011 Regional Steering Group Chair Rachael Dacy calls the initiative a timely boost for Auckland. Ms Dacy says the framework is not just about words and woolly objectives, there are tangible things happening on the ground as Auckland readies itself for the Tournament.

“Overseas visitors in particular will expect to see evidence of environmental responsibility during the Tournament and Auckland is committed to delivering in this area. The public place recycling bins will be a great help.”

As part of the national initiative Aucklanders and visitors will see recycling bins in streets, parks and other public spaces in time for RWC 2011.

“Waste minimisation is one of our key environmental sustainability goals for Rugby World Cup 2011 and today’s announcement will help us deliver on that,” Ms Dacy says.

The focus of waste minimisation in Auckland will be on the following areas:

  • Providing recycling facilities at Fanzones and festival sites
  • Ensuring (where possible) that all packaging is either re-usable, recyclable, or compostable
  • Working with the stadiums to provide for separation of recyclable and compostable waste Increasing the number of permanent public place recycling bins in key public areas

Among the early initiatives are trials of composting and recycling programmes at Mt Smart Stadium (a RWC 2011 training venue) and North Harbour Stadium (one of Auckland’s two RWC 2011 match venues), with new systems soon to be trialled at Eden Park.

The trials are aimed at reducing waste going to landfill from match venues during the Tournament and the recently completed seven-month trial at Mt Smart Stadium has seen around 32 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill.

Be a tidy Kiwi outside as well as in

Auckland’s RWC 2011 Regional Steering Group has adopted a targeted Environmental Sustainability Framework for Auckland. As well as waste minimisation, the framework puts the spotlight on energy efficiency, sustainable procurement and sustainable transport.

Ms Dacy says Auckland is committed to seeing these initiatives through, to ensure that the region plays a lead role in ensuring New Zealand is an environmentally responsible host of RWC 2011.





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