Gisborne Motorists Stranded


NZTA and emergency services  are trying to free stranded motorists and clear State Highway 2 after two large slips fell on the highway north of Gisborne this afternoon following heavy rain. But some were probably spending spend the night in their cars.

Motorists from around 20 vehicles were evacuated by police earlier this evening after being trapped between two slips on SH2 around 12km south of Matawai. The northern slip has now been cleared, but the larger slip to the south is still blocking the road and will take some time to clear.

South of this slip, 23 road users have been stranded due to flooding on the highway further south.

Police say an elderly male has then been injured after a slip appears to have pushed another vehicle into his car.

An ambulance from Gisborne is unable to reach the area as the road has been closed by flooding crossing the road above the Waihuka Bridge. An ambulance has been despatched from Opotiki.

A helicopter is unable to be flown into the area due to the treacherous conditions.

State Highway Two is expected to remain closed until at least 8am.

Two Fulton Hogan road crews that had been dispatched by the NZTA to clear the slip are among the stranded motorists, and they are working with police to look after the other motorists until accommodation is secured.

NZTA says highway conditions in the Gisborne region remain wet and potentially treacherous, and urges motorists to drive with extreme caution and avoid non-essential travel.




  1. Brent C says:

    Does anyone have any information on the state of the Gisborne line?


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