Key Wants Queens Cruise Terminal


John Key today called for progress on building a cruise terminal at Queens Wharf.

The prime minister told a Tourism Auckland conference the government was “working with the relevant authorities to deliver this as soon as possible.”

He said the second infrastructure issue for Auckland the government wants action on is building a national convention centre.

Worldwide, there ws a big market for international conventions, conferences, and exhibitions and the government wanted to attract as many of these events as possible to New Zealand. They were a great boost to the local tourism industry and economy.

“The Government is supportive of a national convention centre being developed in Auckland, and we will make an announcement on our progress in due course.

“Both a cruise ship terminal and a national convention centre would help us boost our economy,” he said.

Key will be meeting with the new Auckland mayor tonight.




  1. Matt L says:

    Cruise terminal = Yes
    On Queens Wharf = No
    Move it to Captain Cook Wharf, Queens is to valuable as a public space and would we would be effectively shut out from it when cruise ships were in town, if not by security then things like cars, buses and trucks coming and going from the terminal to service it, just like the airport.

  2. Nick R says:

    I agree, stick it on Cook and make it a big double sided job.
    Much better access for supply trucks and coaches too, half the front of Queen is taken up by the ferry terminal.

  3. Joshua says:

    Dont mind on Queens apart from the fact that on Captain Cook you could make it a double berth cruise terminal. At least they progressing it though.

  4. Go Rail! says:

    Very nice Mr. Key, that’s what YOU want.

    AUCKLAND WANTS Airport Rail and the Central Underground railway line.

  5. dsadasgdf654645 says:

    It would be a good place to have a long-distance passenger rail station there too, there are already tracks for the port along the waterfront. Just need a platform or two, could be used for tourist trains directly from cruise ships as well as for the Waikato trains, or trains from Tauranga without clogging Britomart.

  6. DanC says:

    I think that Queens Wharf should be left for the public and also future proofs the option to increase the ferry terminal. Captain Cook Wharf should become the cruise ship terminal and is it Marsden? wharf (next one along from Captain Cook) can be used for intercity rail. Is there enough room between Captain Cook and Marsden for a cruise ship?

  7. James B says:

    Captain Cook Wharf. There the people have spoken. Queen’s Wharf needs to be left as a place for Aucklanders and other New Zealanders to enjoy.

  8. Kalelovil says:

    Mike Lee has a blog post explaining why Captain Cook Wharf would not be suitable for a cruise ship terminal:

    IIRC Ports of Auckland plan to demolish Marsden Wharf to improve access to Bledisloe Terminal. Remember that our rail renaissance in recent years has been financially possible because of the ARC port dividends.

  9. Matt L says:

    Mike Lee’s reasons don’t stack up, he seems to think it is best we retain the wharf to store cars on, what a joke. How about the port shift more containers to inland ports and free up the space for cars that way. Also we own the port so its not like it is some tough to deal with multinational company.

    He is also showing the classic ‘Auckland Syndrome’ oh it will cost a bit more so we should go with the inferior option that will be at capacity within a few years.

    If we had of really been smart we could have designed it also as the national convention centre to give it year round use and it would have nicely created an iconic bookend to the waterfront.

  10. DanC says:

    Could the Captain Cook Wharf be used as a cruise ship terminal and a railway station? Railway station at wharf level and terminal above? I

  11. Nick R says:

    I don’t get Lee’s angle, he starts saying how Queens Wharf is effectively a maritime regional park where city dwellers can commune with the sea… then he finishes suggested it should be used to berth large ships?!

  12. Chris S says:

    No, dont put the cruise ship terminal on Queens Wharf, put it on Captain Cooks Wharf!

  13. James B says:

    @Dan C That would be cool. It would be difficult to get the trains onto it though as it would require a really tight turn onto the wharf. Maybe put a market at ground level and restaurants on the first level and then the second level can be the terminal.

  14. Nick R says:

    However the main line is a good 1.5km away from the wharves, you’d have to route the trains through the container terminal rail sidings and then along 600m of new track on the harbour’s edge.

    A really interesting idea but I can’t see the concept of a railway line taking up the waterfront going down to well with those who are campaigning to have it returned to public access.

  15. DanC says:

    Yes I do agree, it would come up against a heap of protest if rail along the waterfront was announced. In the future an intercity terminal will need to go somewhere. I hope it’s close to Britomart.

  16. James B says:

    I think there are only two contenders the Strand and Britomart. Each site has its positives and negatives.


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