Amazing Bridge Opens: Videos


Here’s something to inspire our transport ministry!
Costing $315 million, this 579 - metre bridge soaring across the Colorado River unites Arizona and Nevada. It was formally opened yesterday.
It cuts out 120 kilometres, eliminating a detour motorists had to do around Hoover Dam..
Its 271 metres above the river and crosses over Black Canyon.

The bridge is thought to be the longest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.
After Sept. 11 authorities banned trucks from crossing Hoover Dam, forcing the detour so the bypass is designed to provide a shorter commercial route and unclog the delays caused by security checkpoints at the dam.

Here’s a Discovery Channel doco about the building of it:

Here’s another view of it:




  1. Matt L says:

    I saw this under construction about 3 years ago when we drove through there. It looks like a pretty impressive bridge.

  2. Andrew says:

    Looks like an upscaled Grafton Bridge!


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