Cycle Trails ‘Good Progress’


Despite some media cynicism, the prime minister insists the government cycling trails project is going well.

John Key says he considers ‘good progress’ has been made on the project so far, with funding approved for 18 trails nationwide.

‘The momentum of the project is going to build from here and we’re aiming to have all 18 trails complete by the summer of 2012/13.

‘The trails will have long-lasting economic benefits and enhance our reputation as a world-class tourism destination.”

The government investment for the National Cycle Trail Project is $50m over three years.




  1. Johans says:

    LMAO! I wonder what our beloved Joyce thinks of them.

  2. karl says:

    They are not transport to him. Ironically, they aren’t funded out of the transport budget either.

  3. Matt says:

    There’s a big new sign at the Junction at Ohakune for the Mountains to Sea cycleway. It’s even been opened by the PM. I asked at the Ohakune i-Site for a map, and they advised me not to try to ride it as it hadn’t been finished, was mud in places, and beyond Horopito they hadn’t actually worked out the route it was going to go.

    At the moment progress is slow, and the PM was a bit hasty on his media opportunities. He’s also opened the Sea to Summit cycleway in Oamaru, but only the last km or so is ridable and was already ridable before the fancy scheme.

    It seems half the adventure of riding the National Cycleway is actually finding the bits of it that maybe already do or maybe don’t yet exist.

  4. karl says:

    Agree, Matt, but politicians need publicity… as long as the money is “at work”, I don’t mind him getting some. The normal publicity is about money for things that are only promised. This is actually funded.


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