Onehunga On Time


Onehunga has got off to a great start in terms of services being on time.
It achieved the best punctuality record of all lines in September - although it must be noted services on the line didn’t start until September 19.
Overall punctuality on all lines was 82% -service delivery (percentage of scheduled services that arrive at their final destination) 98%.

The Onehunga line came into service on September 19

September figures:
Total Network:
Punctuality: 82.0% 12 month Rolling Average: 79.2%
Service Delivery: 98.1% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.1%

Onehunga line:
Punctuality: 88.1% 12 Month Rolling Average: 88.1%
Service Delivery: 97.7% 12 Month Rolling Average: 97.7%

Western line:
Punctuality: 85.5% 12 Month Rolling Average: 73.7%
Service Delivery: 97.1% 12 Month Rolling Average: 97.2%

Eastern line:
Punctuality: 77.2% 12 Month Rolling Average: 80.1%
Service Delivery: 98.8% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.5%

Southern line:
Punctuality: 82.1% 12 Month Rolling Average: 83.9%
Service Delivery: 98.5% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.6%

Train breakdowns and faults resulted in 95 cancellations, track and signaling problems resulted in 2 cancellations. other issues including wet weather resulted in 43 cancellations.




  1. rtc says:

    Wet weather leading to cancellations in Auckland reminds me of the announcements on the London tube about leaves on the tracks leading to cancellations!

  2. Matt L says:

    Onehunga is probably helped by being a shorter run so there is less chance for delays to build up

    I also don’t think October will be so good out west, most of the 6 car sets that I have been on seem to get delayed by up to 10 minutes by the time they get to their destination.

  3. Commuter says:


    Comments about leaves on the line or the wrong kind of snow tended to be used as a justification for delays on network rail services not on the underground! Basically it was an explanation of the fact that the Tories starved British Rail of the funds necessary to undertake basic maintenance of the permanent way. And, yes, the recent wet weather excuse here had me reminiscing.

  4. Jon C says:

    We can tend to think that because we don’t have Europe type blizzards, the weather is not a factor here. In fact for September, on Saturday 17, Sunday 18 and Wednesday 22 severe weather conditions in Auckland were blamed for 224 services being delayed and 26 cancelled

  5. Matt says:

    I’m disturbed that, in 11 days, Onehunga still couldn’t manage 100% service delivery. New rolling stock cannot come soon enough!

  6. Richard says:

    I caught a train to Onehunga one morning recently and at Penrose we were 2 minutes early going by the info’ sign and we stopped for the two minutes before moving off.

    The interesting thing was the level crossing barrier at the road just beyond the station had activated so the traffic sat there as well while we awaited our departure time! There was hardly a queue waiting at Tepapa so I can’t see why we didn’t just arrive at Onehunga a couple of minutes early!

  7. Andy says:

    @Richard - Well if I happened to turn up 1 minute before boarding time to find that the train had just left I would be pretty brassed off. It’s principle.

  8. Matt L says:

    Andy - It does happen from time to time on other routes. Normally they only hold trains at set stations like New Lynn.

    Matt - There are 49 services a weekday with 33 on Saturday and 29 on Sundays. Based on that it means that in 11 days there were 12 cancelled services.

  9. Matt says:

    Matt L, I would imagine that Penrose, as a junction station, would be one of those stations. However, like Richard, I would be pretty annoyed (and was, the one time it happened to me at Remuera) if I showed up to find the service pulling away when I was a minute early, especially given how infrequent services on the Southern Line are and the normal lateness of services generally.

    If trains are going to go early, they need to be sufficiently routinely punctual that passengers won’t rely on the service being, at best, on time.

    Oh, and 12 cancelled services is still abysmal. That’s more than one a day, and on a line with half-hour frequencies that means a long wait until the next one.

  10. Jon C says:

    I’ve missed trains because they have been a few minutes early although I have been reluctant to say anything as it’s better than the many times they have been late!
    But if you look at timetables there are only a few ‘hub’ stops in a different colour to indicate that is the exact time they will leave. The rest are estimates.That’s fairly standard procedure around the world. I was impressed with seeing a driver pause the other day at Morningside to await some poor woman running for the train.


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