Queens Shed Being Dismantled


The next chapter in the redevelopment of Queens Wharf.

  • A start on dismantling Shed 11 is about to start.
  • Work on the under wharf repairs started some weeks ago.
  • There will be some preparation of the wharf’s surface prior to Christmas, but the main construction works will begin early next year.

Shed 10 will remain on Queens Wharf and will be repaired to ensure it can be used to support activity during the Rugby World Cup.

The repairs, which have also been agreed in consultation with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, include:

  • A new colour steel roof repairs to external cladding refurbishment
  • Replacement or cleaning of the roller and sliding doors new power
  • Lighting and fire detection systems cleaning and repair of the ground floor where necessary removal of the false ceiling in the ground floor spot repairs to preserve the wooden deck of the first floor
  • The installation of a smoke detection system new stairs from the street / cart dock area on the western side of the building to the ground floor.

ARC chair and Auckland councillor Mike Lee says: “The repairs to Shed 10 will ensure the attic area is watertight and remove leak damaged areas. The new roof and repairs to the exterior will ensure the shed looks in good shape for the Rugby World Cup, and preserve its heritage value.

“Shed 11 is being carefully dismantled to preserve its heritage features and to allow its re-assembly at a later date as per the ARC agreement with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. Specialist heritage architects and engineers have been involved in this process,” says Mr Lee.

Shed 11 will be preserved and stored within Wynyard Quarter until a suitable alternative location has been decided upon. A number of groups have expressed interest in the re-use of Shed 11.

The ARC’s interest in Queens Wharf will be taken up by the new Auckland CCO, Waterfront Development Agency led by former Waitakere mayor, Bob Harvey on November1. The Waterfront Development Agency board has endorsed the plans for Shed 10, and the Government has agreed to allow this work to proceed.

The ARC's image of how Shed 10 will look like

After the lengthy often heated debate about the wharf, the ARC had, under an agreement reached with the Government in August, developed plans for the refurbishment of Shed 10 and the dismantling of Shed 11.




  1. Matt L says:

    They need to get on with it as the world cup is less than a year away.

  2. Suwooop says:

    I agree Matt they need to star asap! I don’t understand why its taken so long to start ground work at Queens Wharf. I personally want both the sheds to be put out of their misery and have them incinerated for being such an eyesore. I can’t believe those flaming mongrels see architectural merit in these sheds. Just make sure Queens Wharf looks decent Auckland!!!!

  3. Chris says:

    finally, they are starting on it
    when do they plan to finish building it? and when do they plan to open it to the public?

  4. karl says:

    Suwoop, there’s actually people who think they are worth preserving. But thanks for being so forthright with your opinion of me and others.

  5. Roger says:

    Does anybody have some images of the inside of these sheds? I’d like to see what is so special about them. The exterior has me wondering where the architectural merit is hiding!

  6. Matt L says:

    Roger - Shed 10 is open to the public along with the rest of the wharf 24/7. Its actually quite a nice area and taking a walk out there on a nice sunny day you realise how cool the wharf actually is. I think it would great as a nice park with some green areas.

    As for the sheds, I haven’t seen inside #11 but #10 has some great potential, it really needs some new cladding and a general bit of a touch up but other than that it actually has great potential

    The only thing I really don’t want to see on the wharf is a cruise terminal as that would shut off large parts of it.

  7. James B says:

    They are very rough diamonds. The outside is horrible corugated iron. Whereas the inside is really cool iron work and hardwood. If handled well they could be preserved and enchanced with new modern cladding. Shed 10 could be really good for the night market that the ACC was trying to get up and running.

  8. Roger says:

    Thanks guys, I’ll go for a wander soon.


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