Queens Shed Demolition Starts


Demolition work has now begun on Shed 11 at Queens Wharf.
It’s being slowly dismantled and will be removed under the guidance of specialist heritage architects and engineers.

Shed 11 will be preserved and stored for up to two years within Wynyard Quarter until a suitable alternative location has been decided upon. A number of groups have expressed interest in the re-use of Shed 11.
The ARC has begun the tender process for the dismantling of Queens Wharf’s Shed 11, which is to be removed and stored for up to two years, on a site at the Wynyard Quarter.
The cost is being borne by the ARC.This includes Icehouse who have indicated an interest in reusing the Shed for use as business incubator units to facilitate new business development and employment.
The ARC tender said it’s interested in an expression of interest from organisations in reusing the building. These would be considered as to

  • whether the proposed use is appropriate
  • the building’s conservation and heritage values and interest are protected
  • that preference is given to the shed being relocated to a suitable maritime location within the Waitamata harbour
  • that the re-erection of the shed and any other costs associated with its reuse be borne by the recipient organisation.

It is acknowledged ‘that an additional criteria will relate to the capacity of the organisation to have access to a suitable site for reuse of the shed in a waterfront or maritime related location as well as their ability to demonstrate sufficient funding is available to re-erect the shed and to bring it up to current standard.’




  1. Suwooop says:

    Good riddance. If they had any real brains they would demolish both of these eyesores that have plagued our waterfront for over a century. BE GONE.

  2. karl says:

    Yeah right. I’m looking forward to seeing them nicely restored, rather than replaced by some glass eyesore like what was proposed for the RWC.

  3. Suwooop says:

    ^ It’s your kind of mentality that keeps Auckland from being the architecturally stunning city it can be. Restored tacky old sheds? SERIOUSLY? These sheds have no right to a prime waterfront location, and I will be looking forward to the demolition of at least one of these sheds.

  4. Matt L says:

    Suwoop - have you actually had a look inside the sheds or are you just passing judgment from looking at pictures?

    Not everything has to be an architectural wonder for it to be good. Also some people seem to have have a weird idea that every space on the waterfront needs filled with architectural masterpieces.

    If it were me, I would build an amazing cruise ship terminal on Captain cook wharf, fix up shed 10 on Queens wharf and put some nice resturants/cafe’s in there and turn the rest of the wharf into a public park.

  5. Suwooop says:

    “Not everything has to be an architectural wonder for it to be good”

    You say that as if we have an abundance of architectural wonders. We don’t. What we have is a shortage of vision, and a tendency to choose the cheap and nasty option, which is so typical Auckland.

    You remark about the waterfront and the idea of having “architectural masterpieces” near the water and then you say want an “amazing cruise ship terminal”. Contradiction?

  6. Matt L says:

    Not a contradiction at all, I said that not EVERYTHING has to be architectural. Turning Queens Wharf into a park with a large amount of grass would be stunning enough in itself.

    Remember that Princess Wharf is designed to look like a cruise ship, there will be an “iconic” Te Wero Bridge and there is a lot of development that is going to happen in the tank farm area. You mention the need for a long term vision but then say because there isn’t architectural we need to tear something down and put something modern up. That sounds to me like really short term thinking.


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