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Mayor-elect Len Brown this afternoon outlined at a news conference how his new council structure would work and which councillors get what.

And it’s good news for transport - as a transport committee is part of it and Mike Lee will play a key role.

It includes the formation of what is called The Auckland Future Vision Committee which, will develop, for recommendation to Council, the Auckland Plan.

This will involve work on both the Spatial Plan and the Infrastructure Plan. The Committee will be chaired by the Mayor, and the Deputy Mayor will be deputy Chair.

The Committee will have delegated authority to appoint a Transport Committee to support it in its work.

The Transport Committee will have responsibility for considering issues related to transport and consider transport strategies and the allocation of funds for the transport plan. It will also determine the contribution the CCO can make to advancing Council’s transport strategy. It will be chaired by Mike Lee who is appointed to the Board of the Transport CCO.

“I want the new Auckland Council to hit the ground running,” the new Mayor said.

“This announcement recognises the community’s desire to have an inclusive council that draws on strengths of people from right around the region.

“I want the new Auckland Council will be based on values of fairness, inclusion, prudence and getting things done. Councillors appointed to key leadership roles in the Council share these values with me.

“I have put in place strong accountability and performance measures in the new structure to make sure the new Auckland Council works in the interest of local communities right around our region.

“I want to see progress on Auckland’s economic, environmental and social development. With that in mind, I have designed the Auckland Council structure to advance progress in these policy areas and build on the vision of making Auckland the world’s most liveable city.

“It is important that the new Auckland Council gets off to a strong start. I look forward to working with councillors and local boards to deliver for our region,” says Len Brown.

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The three ‘whole of Council’ committees will be:

  • Strategy and Finance
  • Accountability and Performance
  • Regional Development and Operations

The fourth Council committee, with an appointed membership, will be that Auckland Future Vision Committee.

Each of the ‘whole of Council’ committees will be granted authority to determine all issues, in their area of responsibility that Council is able to delegate. They will also have the power to determine the extent of delegation to their sub-committees and other supporting bodies.

The Auckland Future Vision Committee will, in the first instance, develop the Auckland Plan (spatial and infrastructure) for recommendation to Council.

The Strategy and Finance Committee will have responsibility for:

  • Development of the LTCCP and Annual Plans for recommendation to Council for adoption
  • Council’s financial performance
  • Treasury and funding functions
  • Rating policy and, initially, standardisation
  • Agreeing local board plans
  • Delegation of powers to sub-committee(s)

The Accountability and Performance Committee will have responsibility for:

Monitoring the performance of the Council in terms of organisational targets

  • Adopting the statement of intents for the council controlled organisations (CCOs)
  • Monitoring and reviewing performance of the CCOs
  • CEO performance review
  • Tender and procurement monitoring
  • Delegation of powers to sub-committee(s)

The committee will be supported in its work by the following committees:

CCO Strategy and Appointments Sub-Committee

Comprising the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the chairs of the three ‘whole of Council’ committees, this committee will be responsible, and have delegated responsibility, for appointing directors to CCO Boards and determining the statements of intent for each CCO.

CEO Review Sub-Committee

This Sub-Committee will have delegated responsibility for reviewing the performance of the Council Chief Executive. It will comprise the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the chairs of the three ‘whole of Council’ Committees.

Tenders and Procurement Panel

This panel will be made up of Councillors and senior officers, and will be responsible for making recommendations to the Accountability and Performance Committee for tenders exceeding the delegation of the CEO. It will also consider and make recommendations to the CEO on tenders that are within his delegation but are high profile and/or controversial. In addition, it will be responsible for considering proposals to drive efficiencies in the procurement and tendering process for recommendation to the Committee.

Regional Development and Operations Committee

The Regional Development and Operations Committee will have responsibility for determining operational policy decisions for Council, and dealing with associated issues. It will also have responsibility for developing plans to advance the economic, social, and environmental well-being of Auckland.

The Committee will have delegated authority to establish councillor Fora focused on specific areas of responsibility. These groups will include, but not be limited to:

  • Social and Community Development
  • Culture, Arts and Events
  • Economic Development
  • Community Safety
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Parks and Heritage
  • District Plan and Urban Design

A Councillor will be appointed to chair each forum. The groups will consider issues and plans within their area of responsibility for recommendation to the Committee. While their meetings will be based on prepared agendas and be open to the public, they will not be constituted as formal sub-committees.

The Council structure will also include a number of standing committees, specifically:

  • Regulatory and By-Laws Committee
  • Hearings Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group

The work of Council will also be informed by the work of seven advisory groups. Three of these groups are established by statute:

  • Maori Statutory Board.
  • Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel.
  • Ethnic Advisory Panel.

A councillor will be appointed to liaise and work with the Maori Statutory Board. The work of the Pacific and Ethnic panels will be lead by councillors appointed by the Mayor.

Council will also establish three additional advisory groups, each of which will be led by an appointed councillor:

  • Business Advisory Panel
  • Rural Advisory Panel
  • Youth Advisory Panel

A Councillor will be appointed to work with the Social Policy Forum

Also being created is an “Auckland Ambassador.” Sir John Walker will be appointed to the position.  This role will involve Sir John championing the well-being of Auckland through his work on specified projects. In the first instance, this will involve recreation and youth issues and working with the Mayor on issues related to the Rugby World Cup.

Who gets What:

Committees of the Whole

Strategy & Finance Committee - Penny Webster

Accountability & Performance Committee - Richard Northey

-       CCO Strategy and Appointments Sub-Committee - His Worship the Mayor

-       CEO Review Sub-Committee - His Worship the Mayor

-       Tenders & Procurement Panel - Jami-Lee Ross

Regional Development & Operations Committee - Ann Hartley

-       Social & Community Forum - Cathy Casey

-       Culture, Arts & Events Forum - Alf Filipaina

-       Economic Forum - Arthur Anae

-       Community Safety Forum - George Wood

-       Environment & Sustainability Forum - Wayne Walker

-       Parks & Heritage Forum - Sandra Coney

-       District Plan & Urban Design Forum - Cameron Brewer

Auckland Future Vision Committee - His Worship the Mayor / Deputy Mayor

-       Transport Committee - Mike Lee

Standing Committees

Hearings Committee - Noelene Rafills

Regulatory & Bylaws Committee - Des Morrison

Audit & Risk Committee - Sharon Stewart

Civil Defence & Emergency Management Group - Michael Goudie

Advisory and Statutory Panels

Maori Statutory Board - Alf Filipaina

Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel - Arthur Anae

Ethnic Advisory Panel - Mike Lee

Business Advisory Panel - Cameron Brewer

Rural Advisory Panel - Des Morrison

Youth Advisory Panel - Michael Goudie

Social Policy Forum - Calum Penrose

It is intended that the membership of sub-committees and the councillor for a will involve five to seven councillors.8. Next Steps

A report detailing the committee structure and identifying the councillors’ responsibilities will be circulated prior to next weeks Council meeting for consideration at that meeting.

The formal delegations on which the structure will be based will be considered for adoption at the 16 November meeting of Council. This report will also include information on committee membership.



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