Lincoln Rd Interchange Starts


Construction to improve the Lincoln Road interchange on Auckland’s Northwestern motorway officially started today.

This morning, the police minister Judith Collins, standing in for the transport minister, ceremonially turned the first sod on the $100m project. Auckland’s Mayor-elect Len Brown also attended.

It’s not all about cars.

Dedicated bus shoulders along SH16 will create the potential for quicker bus trips.  Walkers and cyclists will enjoy safer connections between Lincoln Road and Selwood Road, as well as an extended northwestern cycleway for a further 2 km west to the Huruhuru Road Overbridge.

The NZTA State Highways Manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker, said the Lincoln Road Interchange will be significantly larger with the current two-lane over bridge at Selwood Road being replaced with a new larger bridge to increase capacity.

The motorway around the interchange will also be widened from two lanes to three in either direction, improving the traffic flow and public transport.

Mr. Parker says today’s events mark another important milestone in the project to complete the Western Ring Route road of national significance.

An update on the project:

  • Last last week, the NZTA signed a contract with Fletcher construction to complete stage 2 of the $40m project at the Maioro Street Interchange – where this project connects with SH20.
  • The application to complete the Waterview Connection using the new national consenting process has been referred to a Board of Inquiry that will hear all submissions on the project. A final outcome is expected by July next year.
  • Next month the NZTA will name the two shortlisted tenderers as part of the procurement process to construct the SH20 Waterview Connection tunnels and Great North Road Interchange.




  1. Matt L says:

    As this is my loacl interchange, I do know that it really does need upgrading, particulary the bridge to get to the city bound onramp. Are there any diagrams of what it will look like after everything is finished?

    Also it is a great shame that both the NZTA and the ARC have had no foresight with this and put in a proper busway like what is on the Shore, doing it while we are doing the rest of the works would have been the perfect opportunity and would have reduced its costs

    Also the buslanes I have seen NZTA proposing for the Te Atatu to Waterview section aren’t that great. Buses will still have to merge with traffic before each on/off ramp and in the case of Te Atatu will have to cross two lanes of traffic if the bus is carrying on up the motorway

  2. damian says:

    all sorts of scandel about the awarding of this contract too. NZTA and waitakere competetive tendering procedures were ignored

  3. Nick R says:

    Dedicated bus shoulders? Get real. They are just the regular motorway shoulders with a slightly more durable paving treatment. This is no more than they had on the Northern Motorway before the busway was built.

    The shoulders disappear at every overbridge or interchange, where are the bus platforms, the bus priority at on ramps etc?

  4. Luke says:

    its called greenwashing…

  5. karl says:

    “the bus priority at on ramps etc?”

    Actually some of the Waterview project interchanges have bus priority measures at the interchanges on- and off-ramps too.

    Not everywhere, and not comparable to a busway standard, but there were some, I definitely remember some planned for the Te Atatu Interchange.

    Similarly, I have seen many concepts for the Lincoln Interchange that had priority measures for PT, though admittedly those were just concepts and I am not sure whether they made the final cut.

  6. Matt L says:

    Karl - the plans at Te Atatu are a joke, A bus citybound will have to merge back into the general traffic lane before the off ramp. It will then have to cross into the lane of the western on ramp after that joins then get pas merging traffic to get back into the bus lane.

    Westbound isn’t much better, Buses will have to cross two lanes of traffic that leave the motorway before the offramp and then after Te Atatu Rd have to avoid the onramp traffic to get in the bus lane to carry on west.

    I assume that Lincoln won’t be much better and therefore buses along the road will still be a joke.

  7. Geoff B says:

    $100 million for an interchange upgrade? Really? I never have any delays there worth complaining about, so it seems this is a big spend up to induce greater use. That’s more money than it would cost to build the Marsden Point railway, all on one existing interchange!

  8. karl says:

    Matt L - I was talking of features for buses getting on and off at the ramp - we all know about the issues related to through buses, and I was not disputing that.

    But I have the operations plans for the proposed Te Atatu interchange in front of me, and there is a dedicated bus lane on the westbound offramp all the way onto Te Atatu Road for buses getting off. On the westbound on-ramp, there is a priority bypass of the ramp signals, which presumably can be used by buses.

    Similarly for eastbound onramps, there is a priority lane which can be used by buses, either from Te Atatu South or Te Atatu Peninsula.

    I am not saying that NZTA is bending over backwards to provide for PT. But let’s talk about what they are doing AND what they are not doing.


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