Darby St Work Starts


Work began today developing the Shared Space at the inner city Darby Street, one of Auckland City’s early Shared Space projects.

It will be completed early next year.

When completed, it will look like this:

Darby St concept |Auckland City

The proposed design sees the removal of kerbing and introduction of paving across the full width of the street.
The cost of the Darby Street upgrade will be around $2.3m and is funded by the CBD targeted rate, a special rate paid for by CBD residents and businesses. The project is part of a 10-year programme to transform a number of streets and open spaces in the CBD to create an urban centre that will attract a lively mix of business, residential and cultural activity.

Other completion dates for Shared Spaces in order are now :
Kitchener Street South (June 2011)
Fort Street area Stage 1, (August 2011)
Elliot Street (Early 2012)
Lorne Street Stage 2 (May 2012)
O’Connell Street (End 2012).




  1. karl says:

    What about Fort Street Stage 2? And is there a reason there is no Lorne Street Stage 1?

    Also: Finally! Now it would be great to roll this out to other parts of Auckland - one of the initiatives that would show that the supercity isn’t just about the CBD.

  2. Chris says:

    Very nice. Hope to see many similar projects over the next few years.

  3. patrick says:

    Fort Street stages 2 and 3 will start after the RWC and will be completed late 2012

  4. Jarrod Gill says:

    Nice. The sooner they spend the money and turn downtown into a nicer place to be, the better.

  5. [...] The $2.3m Darby St development is due for completion “early this year.” but to be fair, now paving has just begun, it probably now can be finished fairly quickly. You can see what will look like when finished here. [...]


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