Onehunga P&R Busy


Onehunga’s newly finished park and ride facility is busy.

Observations suggest it’s half to three-quarters full on weekdays.

There were 23 cars parked there this afternoon.

That made it about three quarters full.

I’m a big supporter of the concept as I have met many people who have been persuaded to use the trains if they can ride and park easily nearby, preferably in a secure environment.

Interesting to note there were no cycles in the racks.




  1. joust says:

    Getting out with the car is difficult during peak times. Queues form across the driveway then a ride-and-driver blocked those behind him by waiting to turn right against a sign prohibiting just that.

  2. Jb says:

    Why would you want to leave your bike there? Its almost as if those bar things are there to discourage cyclists from using them in order to justify the lack of presence of adequate cycle storage in the wider network.

  3. karl says:

    Jb, I think the reason people don’t leave there bikes there may well be

    a) Auckland is still too scary for many people to cycle (whether that perception is right or wrong is another discussion) and

    b) people haven’t realised yet that for a “commuter” bike, you need an old, servicable clunker that nobody is going to steal even if its only padlocked with a $10 lock. The people who ride (me included, but then I don’t train-commute) usually ride much fancier bikes.

    c) Cyclists haven’t cottoned on yet that they can ride to the station. May get better once the bridge to Mangere is finished.

    So in total, they are not shitty at all, only the lack of the roof makes them any different from a perfectly adequate bike stand.

  4. Geoff B says:

    I don’t think 23 is three quarters of 75 :)

  5. Kettle Watch says:

    Maybe they took their bikes on the train? I know of quite a few people who commute by train and cycle both ends.

  6. Ngaire says:

    Jon. Nice to see you back - after a deserved holiday?!
    With restricted parking in the main street , behind the main street shops and Foodtown carparks, is there any chance local workers are using the free station carpark - so I’ll miss out on a space next time I go shopping in Newmarket!!

  7. Jon C says:

    @Ngaire Holiday??? I wish. I have had 2 days off this blog in the last 3 years!


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