Queens Shedding Quickly


The dismantling of Queens Wharf’s Shed 11 is now progressing at fast speed.
This is how it looks today:

The corrugated iron roof is off and timber being carefully dismantled. It’s described as an “asbestos hazard” area.
Here is what it looks like inside:

The parts of the shed are being moved to storage for up to two years.




  1. Matt L says:

    I wonder what they are doing with the birds nests that are in use. When I took a stroll down there the other day there was one bird perched in a nest oblivious to the fact its home was about to go.

  2. antz says:

    if these workers have a good heart, they would put them in another tree, however i don’t think that would be achieved with a crap or two on the head.

  3. antz says:

    whoops, i meant withOUT.


  4. GJA says:

    I still want to know what is so special about these sheds, it just looks like a standard shed - the materials are just older.

  5. Paul from Sydney says:


    I don’t get it either, looks like scrap steel and a bit of timber to me. Recycle, reuse etc…

    And start afresh with a great public space/building that fits within the envelope of the current shed.

    They did something very similar to one of the finger wharves in Sydney, totally rebuild it to fit the same shape and look very similar to the existing ones.


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