Auck Cabs 18th Dearest In World


Auckland taxi prices are relatively expensive according to a survey compiled by the Price of Travel site.

We ranked 18th most expensive out of 72 cities surveyed for city to airport travel.

To do the survey, the site tracked a typical price range of a 3-kilometre in each destination. It used price ranges instead of “average” prices because many cities have different prices with each company, or different price structures at night or on weekends.
The cost of a 3k ride this month in Auckland came in at between (in NZ currency) $11.59 (quick run)  to $14.49 (caught in traffic).

Melbourne was just slightly cheaper than Auckland  ($11.30 to  $15) and Sydney was slightly more expensive than Auckland - $12.56 to $15.

Zurich, Oslo and Monaco are the most expensive - India the cheapest. To be fair, such surveys should take into account wage and labour costs in each city.

The average taxi fare from the CBD to the airport was given as being between $54.82 and $69.78, which sounds right.

Our airport taxi fares are among the chief reasons we need to provide the alternative of an airport rail service!

Interestingly, the site says Auckland itself is on the expensive side compared to elsewhere in NZ and, not overly impressed with the city, advises: “This is a city that is worth a look around for a day or two, especially if you are dealing with jetlag, but not one worth lingering in. It’s one of the more expensive places in New Zealand as well.”

Meanwhile, I spotted Auckland Co-Op has tried to smarten themselves up with a new logo and signage on their cab.

Of course Wellington’s combined cabs have something similiar for ages.  Auckland is promoting the phone number over the brand - and interesting marketing creative debate.

Now if only someone would really wave a big stick and get the dodgy cabs off the roads for good. I had another cab bad experience last week after I missed the last bus.




  1. Paul from Sydney says:

    Try $130 to go 40km in Sydney after Melb Cup

    My winnings didn’t even cover than

  2. damian says:


    and that is if you get a taxi

  3. greenwelly says:

    The rebranding is part of a strategic move to create a Nation-wide taxi brand,

    In the trade it is called “blue bubble”

    the holding company data is here

    Bluestar in CHC are also going to go the same way,

  4. Matt says:

    The blue bubble isn’t just Co-Op changing their look, it’s a national rebranding by a bunch of taxi companies. See the Blue Bubble Taxi homepage

  5. Kel says:

    I think Auckland really needs to sort its sh*t out!

    Why do all these travel sites always say that you wanna get out of Auckland fast!? I’ve often heard foreigners say they didn’t like Auckland at all! Not every one of course - I once heard a Belgian guy rave on about how great it is with the all-direction pedestrian crossings on Queen Street and how it was as exciting as Asia! I recently spent three days in Akl on a stop-over and thought it was great and wanted to spend longer there, especially in the downtown area and North Shore. Definitely not anywhere near Sylvia Park though.

    Anyway, on topic.. I think taxi fares should be similar with Singapore, starting at $3.50 on flagfall then increasing by kms from there. That’d make it an attractive option, because the only economic way for me to get around Auckland on my trip there was by rental car!! That being almost the same price as the airport bus to town and back, being $16-ish one way.

    Auckland is great! But some things could really be organised so that it’s cheaper and more convenient.

  6. Scott says:

    At least Taxis are readily available in the auckland CBD 24/7.

    Try to get a cab at 3am in Sydney.

  7. DanC says:

    Yep I agree with Scott trying to get a cab in the early hours in Sydney is hard work. Auckland taxi’s are a rip off I reckon. I hope with the public transport being sorted out demand falls for taxis and so does the price.

  8. Jon C says:

    Why are cabs so had to find in Sydney at that time? That’s shocking.

  9. Scott says:

    There a shift change or something similar. I think all the taxi’s have to go back to base to change diver, or reconcile there meter or something. The net result is that there are no taxi’s to be found for about an hour or so. This is probably the peak hour for drunk people stumbling out of bar’s, looking for taxi’s home.

  10. Jon C says:

    @Scott I have always found Sydney taxi drivers a mixed bag. The worst one I had was one I hailed late one night in George St. He had just literally dumped his last passenger out of the cab there and told me he had tossed him out because he realised the passenger was gay and he didn’t carry ****s in his cab because they spread HIV. The sort of conservation you would more likely have in Alabama.

  11. George D says:

    Australia is so bad because the taxis are regulated and limited. The legal restrictions are severe, and the cost of getting a car intense.

    Which makes Auckland’s problem more puzzling. Perhaps excessive competition leads drivers to raise prices in order to cover the fact they make few trips?

  12. Fred says:

    @jon c November 9, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Yeah, thanks to the human rights commission and all that rubbish we have to carry them over here. Pretty pricey for a Sydney licence just so you don’t have to carry them though.


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