RWC Traffic Trial Rated 9/10


Saturday’s traffic management around Eden Park has been rated “9 out of 10” by the organisation responsible for ensuring safe, efficient traffic and spectator flows.

The traffic management plan in place for the weekend’s rugby league double-header was the first major trial of what could be put in place for Rugby World Cup 2011 matches at the venue.

Sharon Hunter, spokesperson for Auckland Transport, says in the main, the plans went well.

“We moved 16,000 people on trains and buses, out of a crowd of approximately 42,000, with the vast majority of spectators moved out of the area around Eden Park within one hour of full-time,” she says. ‘’In general things went very well”.

Ms Hunter adds that emergency services, such as Police and Ambulance, were also pleased with how the traffic situation was managed.

In answer to complaints from local residents, she said Auckland Transport has undertaken to review the plans with residents around Eden Park.

“We want to ensure that the plans work for everyone - residents and spectators alike,” Ms Hunter says. “So we will look at any suggested improvements residents might have.”





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