Angry About Breakdown


Here’s a commuter’s angry commentary on Auckland’s train service after a breakdown tonight (they happen) and the bad communication that followed (that happens too often still!)…

Your useless trains again! broke down with a reason that “train fault”. what does this mean? it was late all the way from britomart to avondale.

Then terminated at avondale.Why?
Then you said that the next train would be at 6.07 then the train we got off the “broken” train to get on to the next service and it came through. don;t you think it would of been smart to of phones the manager of that train to stp and wait for us. observably not! Then that service left everyone at the station and the driver was laughing when he went through.
Then your bullshit public transport was firstly 10 minutes late the 12 minutes late. We had about 4 trains from the other way go through don’t you have the brains to get one of the trains to take us all through.
If you got your shit sorted and got the trains working much better you might get somewhere with numbers on trains.

What are you going to do for the RWC next year and a train that is working fine just magically dies.

You need to sort your shit out people i pay for the service and what do i get in return nothing. A realy shit service. I THink you need to start being a bit fair and bring your side of the agrement up alot!

This site used to use the line:Another day, another delay!




  1. Matt L says:

    The train that broke down was a 6 car set, the 5:24 from Britomart, I was on the following service and had already received a text message from Veolia saying the service ahead had broken down when we were at Mt Albert.

    When we got to Avondale the broken down train was on the city bound track and people were just getting off. While we were stopped I even overheard an announcement telling people to get on the train that was waiting for them (our train) but the train manager obviously didn’t hear it and we took off which the passengers from the other train didn’t look impressed by at all.

    Overall a pretty big communication fail from Veolia and Kiwirail there, especially seeing as they already new about it and had already sent a text message out about the fault.

  2. Ashley says:

    wow there pissed .. they cant spell

  3. antz says:

    man, if i was using these trains, i would have lost it and start vandalising the whole carriage.

    patience was never my strong point. ;)

  4. Chris says:

    Shouldn’t really make remarks about others spelling/grammar untill your own is perfect.

    I point to your use of “there”, which should of been “they’re”. Which would still be incorrect as a single individual wrrote the letter.

  5. newnewt says:

    “Shouldn’t really make remarks about others spelling/grammar untill your own is perfect”

    Suggest that should be:
    Shouldn’t really make remarks about others’ spelling/grammar until your own is perfect…

  6. max says:

    A thread about a communications failure degenerating into a communications failure?

    Sounds like we seriously, seriously need new trains. Or maybe a PT contract where customer satisfaction is linked to payments to the provider…

  7. William M says:

    @antz Whilst I agree that this situation was unacceptable, I don’t think it deems vandalism as appropriate justice. The mere suggestion gives me a nasty feeling in the pit of my ratepaying pocket.

    @max: The Veolia contract is linked to performance on a punctuality/delivery basis, but I agree we should add that element to the mix. It may be that they end up not getting paid at all, however!

  8. Jeff says:

    what. a. knob. grow up

  9. Andrew says:

    Maybe contractor penalisations on events where mass passenger strandings result?

    This could also have applied to the mess that I experienced in the post Jon called “No Sleep til Baldwin” on this blog.


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