Are You Man Enough To Drive?


Are you man enough to stay in control behind the wheel - is the question posed in the new set of NZTA/ Police adverts aimed at male drivers aged up to 29 years..

It emphasises the 50k limit with ads like this.

The advertising promotes a concept called ‘mandom’ - supposedly a place where a man is in complete control and where he can come to perfect his ‘man skills’ – stressing the need to be in full control of a ‘manly activity’ like driving, by knowing when to pull back and when to slow down.

The tag line is.. Slow down. Stay in Mantrol.
Does it work?

Interesting how they imagine young true- blooded Kiwi males spend their leisure time.




  1. Draco T Bastard says:

    I’m absolutely disgusted by the archery bit - never shoot past anyone, always make sure they’re behind you.


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