Busy Manukau Station: More Photos


KiwiRail and the Manukau council predict 600,000 passengers a year will use the new Manukau train station, when it opens in July.
That’s a similar level to Newmarket, meaning only Britomart will be busier.
About 1.2 million people are expected to use the bus station each year.
Here are more photos of how it’s looking today:

1st set of Manukau photos starts here




  1. karl says:

    Hope those fences aren’t permanent, or will get hidden by some landscaping.

    Patronage predictions sound good - Auckland will need continual success stories over the coming years to wear down the anti-train lobby’s “arguments” against more rail.

  2. Geoff B says:

    I take it Manukau Station Road has now opened? Last time I was there, two weeks ago, it was complete and only closed with a few orange cones. I wondered at the time if it might be opening the next day.

    Now we just need to get the southern triangle leg at Wiri built, so the proposed “long haul” Tuakau-Huapai service can include Manukau as a stop.

  3. Luke says:

    Maybe a Huapai - Manukau service would work better?
    Tuakau is outside AT boundaries (dumb) so no hurry for AT to start a service their.

  4. max says:

    Luke - I like the idea. Cross-town trains would be a good gap-filler in the years until the CBD tunnel is built. We might even get to like them ;-)


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