Busy Western Line Weekend


Who has been growing toadstools on the tracks?

New sleepers, new signalling, pre-electrification work and track tidy work are among the works happening this weekend on the Western Line.
Buses will replace all Western Line services both Saturday and Sunday.
Work includes the sleeper lay and the very start of work at Baldwin Ave.
Workers have already been busy the last few days on sections of the line messing around with some of the new electrification toys like cabinets. This has caused trains to go slower than usual through sections like Baldwin Ave to Kingsland.




  1. Scott says:

    anybody know when the new signals go live?

  2. Ian says:

    Does anybody know what is the orange toadstool is for?

  3. chris r says:

    Cable joints?

  4. signalhead says:

    Not this weekend but next is the major commissioning for all interlocking including signals. Power is already on but the new system is just in an observational mode to make sure no faulty items crap themselves too soon in the piece. The mushrooms are termination boxes for the axle counter heads (Blocks clamped to the side of one rail) and ATP transmitter heads (Yellow pads bolted to the sleepers). By the end of the year there will be the new signaling all the way from Morningside to Britomart, after the Christmas shut, Morningside to the waterfront (port + Vector Junction) including Britomart and Newmarket. Big jobs all

  5. max says:

    Any likelihood of screwups like when they weren’t able to open Newmarket in time - or do they have enough of a breather to test it thoroughly this time?

  6. signalhead says:

    Completely different kettle of fish. Lessons learned, just a shame they decided to start with the most important junction on the Auckland network. Just a couple of sidings and a few crossovers this time. As you will notice almost all of the points motors have been changed and there has been as much done in advance of the job to ensure a smooth transition.

  7. Geoff B says:

    Come to think of it, didn’t the loop to siding turnouts at Morningside used to be switchlocks? I note they now have motors.

  8. signalhead says:

    Yup, all motor points now, the old Interlocking building between station shelters will be gone by the new year too.

  9. Andy says:

    Wow, I’d love to be able to fully understand what you guys are talking about! Are there any good places you know of on the net to learn about signals? (Obviously wiki, but any others?)

  10. Matt L says:

    There seemed to be a bit of work going on at Glen Eden as well when I went past this afternoon.


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