Cycle, Bus Lane Are Waterview Hot Issues


Incorporating a continuous SH20-SH16 cycleway and a Great North Rd bus lane into the NZTA’s massive Waterview project are among the most contentious issues to surface at the Waterview Board of Inquiry, when it opens in February.

The EPA had received 232 submissions.

An update to the Auckland Council today identified three areas where further negotiation with NZTA will is needed and where expert evidence will likely be focused at the hearing.

  • Transport improvements – incorporating a continuous SH20-SH16 cycleway and a Great North Rd bus lane into the NZTA project
  • Environmental impacts – undertaking a wide range of measures to avoid or mitigate impacts upon Oakley Creek, the coastal marine area, ecological areas and the community at large
  • Open space replacement – providing an upgraded Phyllis St reserve and a new reserve at Valonia St instead of the current proposals in isolated or temporary locations.

The council report identifies transport elements as a main area of concern.  Foremost of these is the provision of a continuous cycleway above the tunneled section of SH20 Waterview, to connect the existing SH20 and SH16 cycleways, utilising the existing park network.

The submissions also seek the provision of a northbound Great North Rd bus lane near the Waterview interchange as part of major carriageway reconstruction for the tunnel, and the future-proofing of SH16 for a possible busway.

As the submissions cover a range of transport matters pertaining to Auckland Transport’s statutory functions, a paper at the first Auckland Transport board  meeting is expected to seek delegated authority for staff to support the Auckland Council in the preparation and presentation of evidence, on those matters relating to Auckland Transport’s statutory functions.

Waterview tunnel project will go right through Alan Wood Reserve

Expert evidence in support of the Auckland Council submission (including Auckland Council matters) is required to be delivered to NZTA by the 17th of December.  The Board of Inquiry hearing itself is expected to run from February to April next year, with a draft decision released in May and a final decision due by June 20th 2011 (the date being set by statute).

The old council, Auckland Regional Council, Auckland Regional Transport Authority and Waitakere City Council all presented submissions on the Western Ring Route along the same lines and these will be combined.

The areas each identified will be incorporated into one.

Their submissions on transport raised issues as folows:

ACC | ARC | ARTA| Waitakere City




  1. Matt L says:

    Nice to see that all councils called for future proofing for a busway, but strangely ARTA didn’t, also all groups calling for a buslane along Gt north Rd and the cycleway has got to be positive.

  2. max says:

    Matt L - the cycleway was a bit of a depressing surprise, because it was included in NZTA press material as late as March 2010. Then it suddenly disappeared. Cost-cutting? Never.

    Surprising that only 232 submissions were entered, what with St Lukes receiving over a 1000. In my opinion, it shows how intimidating it is when you have a fast-tracked, non-standard process where you are supposed to comment on about 40 folders of documents within 4 weeks. I only had to assess maybe three of the expert reports, and it still was a big slog.

    Reminds me I better open the two (!) new boxes full of evidence NZTA graciously sent me…

    In other news, yeah, busway stuff is good - I think ARTA may simply have fallen afoul of staffing problems during their final days? After all, any submission had to be prepared in a tiny window. Disappointing, but in the end not so crucial, especially with everyone else calling for it.

  3. Mark says:

    Max - re the cycleway dissappearing. I think what you have hear is cunning positioning for the hearing. they removed/reduced a few things, that they were prepared to do.
    So now at teh hearing, people will be fighting to get those back, and no doubt the decision will give them “back” - and probably not look at other issues.

    Basic “negotiation” strategy - so the EPA are seen to “give” something to the community


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