Supermarkets Dangerous For Cars


We’re an honest nation! The most common place for car park collisions is the supermarket car park but most people who damage a parked car, don’t leave a note owning up to it and giving their details.

An AA Insurance survey says of 4,336 drivers who took part, 70% have had their vehicle hit while parked.
91% of those who had their car damaged while parked returned to find no contact details from the person responsible.
Yet 20% of respondents say if they damaged a vehicle in a car park and no one saw them, they would consider not leaving their details - up from 15% when the question was asked last year.
21% of those surveyed in Wellington said they wouldn’t leave their details. 20% of Christchurch respondents and 19% in Auckland. AA says there’s a legal responsibility to own up if you damage someone else’s vehicle.
Other interesting facts and survey responses:

  • AA gets an average of 377 claims per month from customers whose cars were damaged while parked, most don’t leave details
  • The average claim amount for cars damaged while parked is $1,481.
  • The most common place for car park collisions is the supermarket car park -33% of claims. Shopping centres are the second-most likely place for car park damage -18% of collisions.
  • 51 % of Wellington respondents said they have had a car park stolen while they were clearly waiting for it compared with 48% in Auckland and 47& in Christchurch. Overall, half the respondents have had another motorist take a park they were clearly waiting for.
  • 93% said motorists shouldn’t use disabled car parks without a permit but 83%  have seen other drivers use one without a permit.




  1. Chris says:

    That’s sad statistics. I’d leave my contact details, because I’d appreciate someone who did the same to me. Owning up for a mistake is always the best personality test.

  2. antz says:

    just yesterday some tard struck against my sisters new car that she bought last week. it left a 35 cm long dent in the side with a contrasting colour.

    she is fuming right now.


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