Onehunga Also Cops Weekend Changes


Onehunga train users also experience a rail closedown this weekend with buses replacing services.

Only the Eastern Line escapes a heavy weekend of pre-electrification and track work.

Buses will replace trains on the Western Line tonight - from 7.30pm and throughout the weekend.

Bus replacement services will also be in operation on the Onehunga Line and on the Southern Line from Otahuhu to Britomart.

So buses replacing trains:

  • Western Line Britomart to Waitakere from 7.30pm and Saturday
  • Western Line Britomart to Henderson - Sunday
  • Southern Line Britomart to Otahuhu - Saturday and Sunday
  • Onehunga Line to Britomart - Saturday and Sunday

Check Maxx here for the rail bus timetables.

Baldwin Ave platform extension work began last weekend

Electrification works include installing new signaling, putting in the traction masts and ensuring there is enough clearance underneath bridges for the overhead wires. Work continues on extending the platforms at Baldwin Ave for longer trains.




  1. Matt L says:

    They were closed over the Labour day weekend were they not?

  2. Jon C says:

    @Matt L You obviously have a sharper memory than me Matt!

  3. Jimmy says:

    During Labour Weekend, there were trains running from Otahuhu to Waitakere/Henderson, and Onehunga to Newmarket.

  4. Ngaire says:

    One of the hold-ups with opening the Onehunga line was because wiring for electrification was being done at the same time the new track was being laid (my neighbour, Chris, was involved in the work) to avoid disruption once the service had started. Maybe I’d better tell Chris he didn’t do a good enough job ??!!


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