Photos: Wellington Rail Projects Update


Kegan S has kindly provided us with some great photos of some of the Wellington and central NI developments.

We know the Matangi trains are here but there’s lots of other interesting work going on.

Waterloo Quay is vital as an entrance to Wellington. Planned improvements to the quay will make it more attractive and create a positive impression on entering the city.

Improvements transforming the route between the cruise ship terminal and the city include moving the train track on the harbour side in towards the port so a new footpath can be developed alongside the road.

On the other side, the footpath is being widened and upgraded to just past the stadium. More pohutukawa – like the ones in the centre of Jervois Quay – are being planted on both sides of the road.

Work began a month ago on more than $1 million worth of improvements to Porirua train station.

KiwiRail will carry out the works, funded largely by Greater Wellington Regional Council, which include resurfacing the station platform and upgrading the bus shelter, subway, lighting and fencing.

$11 million will be invested in a 3.1km stretch of the North Island Main Trunk, known as ‘North South Junction’. Currently this steep section of line, which includes 5 tunnels, and has a history of rock falls, presents a significant capacity constraint for both passenger and freight services.

The project will improve line speeds, in part by improving clearances through the tunnels. Similar to work carried out on the Johnsonville Line almost two years ago, four tunnels will be strengthened and their floors lowered to make them bigger. At the same there will also be slope stabilisation work across the hillside.

This will lift the current 40km speed restriction on all services, reducing the time in takes to travel this section of line.
The photo is where the line curves out around a collapsed tunnel (formerly No.12, between todays No.6 & No.7). The big rock fall fence (the “bean fence” or “bean pole”) at that location has gone and work was underway on a retaining wall.




  1. antz says:

    it truely is great on how wellington is nearly finished with thier upgrades. i can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Steve W says:

    Excellent pic of Waterloo Quay thanks!


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