Auckland Rail Landscape 2013: Photos


Here’s KiwiRail’s vision of how the Auckland rail network once the masts and electrification wires are completed for the electric trains arriving from 2013.

The first masts will be appearing from early next year.
The photo manipulated shots have been around for a while - and were on display at KiwiRail’s Saturday display at Newmarket but so many readers keep asking for a look, here they are.

The masts will be about 50-60m apart but closer on curves to ensure correct tension.

Papakura footbridge on Broadway

Several different types of mast will be used to hold the wires at the correct height and tension to ensure proper contact with the train’s pantograph (the part of the train that connects with the power course).

Market Rd overbridge

Omahu Rd overbridge

The masts below are single-lever cantilevers - a single mast with a cantilever holding the wires. Other photos show the alternative that will be used - portal or a U-shaped structure spanning the tracks.

Glen Eden station

Those involved in the project say they are doing their best to minimise the impact on the landscape.

Hickory Ave overbridge

Waipuna Rd




  1. patrick says:

    remuera’s new platform will make it look different

  2. antz says:

    man, it may be photoshopped but you’d think that they are there already, at least until i saw a diesal train on the 4th image.

  3. rtc says:

    Funny how they leave no shadows!

  4. Karl says:

    Such a shame no one bothered to design them.
    They look like some eastern block 1970′s project. Where is the design component to making Auckland look as good as it can be?

  5. max says:

    Karl - that money is being spent on Puhoi, and the other RONS. Steven Joyce cut this (and really, any rail project) project back to the bare bones. They have no money left for more fancy things. NZTA can produce pretty bridge designs and hire urban designers, because their pockets are full, unlike KiwiRail (not that I begrudge NZTA the use of urban designers - they are sorely needed for roading projects)

    That said, the catenary is not too bad. Especially like the Glen Eden station cantilever ones.

  6. Carl says:

    Karl, your dreaming, the ones here Perth look just like that.

    forget what they look like and worry more about getting them up and why its taken so long.

    again nice to see Pukekohe getting roped into the super city bs, yet no sign what so ever about get these lines….

    what were made to join for if we are not included in the rail extension, oh thats right, to take our money and make everything else better.

    this city is a joke.

  7. [...] corridor from Papakura to Swanson, including the Onehunga and Manukau branch lines. The different different types of masts will be used to hold the wires at the correct height and tension to ensure proper contact with the [...]


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