Sturges Rd Railbridge Nears Completion


At last the year-long Sturges Rd railbridge replacement project in Henderson is coming to an end - on schedule for Christmas.
It’s been an extraordinary long time coming causing much inconvenience to motorists and residents - but there were reasons for it.

Reader Matt L kindly alerted us with the details:

The temporary pedestrian bridge was removed about a month ago and also the westbound platforms access to the road has also been closed off ever since. Today they have been lifting in the new bridge spans in for the other half of the bridge, there is a scheduled closure of the road from 10th-15th of December (from memory) to build the approaches, after that there should be two lanes open, one each way, which will be a nice change after a year of only having one lane. Then in the new year the third lane will open after they have installed artwork on the bridge (something Waitakere City seemed to do a lot of). Also another thing that is quite nice is the footpaths on both sides of the road leading up to the bridge have been made quite wide.

AKT sent its Camera Boy out to have a look.




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