New Eden Park Booze Measures


Better screening of patrons going into Eden Park for matches is one of the measures agreed upon today to prevent a repeat of the problems during the recent league double-header there.

Auckland’s Mayoral Taskforce has agreed on the move to ensure liquor is not smuggled in.

It also agreed on:

  • Better communication and enforcement of liquor bans and acceptable levels of behaviour both in and outside of the ground
  • Better coordination of communication between the various agencies and local residents
  • Greater numbers of security staff at Eden Park who will be both more proactive and more visible
  • Higher police visibility outside the ground

These measures will be in place in time for the next major test of crowd management in the Eden Park precinct, the Black Caps Pakistan Twenty 20 game on Boxing Day.

It’s pleasing to see that train users are no longer being singled out specifically.

As AKT reported on the night, people walking to the park including from bars at Kingsland were seen carrying alcohol and clearly intoxicated with no questioning by security staff they passed - nor obviously at the gate.

Empty bottles dropped near Eden Park on way to league test

Interesting there is no new restriction on the sale of alcohol at the park and one suspects that is to keep sponsors happy.
The taskforce includes the chief executives of Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Eden Park as well as senior police, councillors and local board members.





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