Cycling Safety Rally


There is a gathering at Queens Wharf this Sunday to promote cycling safety.

Cyclists try out Queens Wharf

It’s organised by Cycling Action Auckland, which supplied the details below.

Bikes for Life, this  Sunday, 11am | Midday
Queens Wharf  Auckland’s newest people place - cycle to the rally and a enjoy a ride around the wharf.

Cycle riders have paid with their lives to demonstrate how badly change is needed.
We invite everyone:
• who has ever ridden a bicycle
• who would cycle if it was safer and easier
• who want their family and friends who cycle to be safe
• pedestrians and motorists – we all share the same road…. to call for  urgent action for world-class cycling safety in Auckland. Organised in association with Cycle Action Auckland. More details at




  1. max says:

    To clarify - you don’t HAVE to come by bike. All you really need to be there is to want better relations between cyclists and motorists.

    And more funding for cycleways (currently those get approximately 0.32% of the nationwide funding pot - pitiful crumbs, really, even though the cycling mode share is several times higher, at 2.5% nationwide).

  2. LucyJH says:

    thanks for this Jon!

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