Businesses Unhappy With Govt


Business satisfaction with the Government is low, at just 15%,  according to an MYOB survey of 1000 NZ Busineses.

Dissatisfaction has increased markedly, with 38% of businesses dissatisfied with the support of the Government, up from 29% in August.

Owners of mid-sized businesses (20 – 199 employees) have been most unhappy with the performance of the Government in the last quarter, with a 25% increase in dissatisfaction, to a high 42%.

“The economic results of the MYOB Business Monitor show Kiwi businesses have been doing it tough over the last quarter, with revenue falling and pipeline work drying up. And some of the frustration at the slow and uneven recovery will no doubt be colouring how businesses see the performance of the Government,” says MYOB general manager Julian Smith.

“But at both a local and national level, it’s clear the business community feels their elected representatives are not doing enough to support their success.”

Almost half of the businesses in New Zealand are unhappy with the support of their local council. Small businesses and organisations in provincial areas lead the chorus of dissatisfaction.

The new Auckland super city sits about middle in terms of support for businesses, with still high levels of dissatisfaction, while the performance of the Christchurch City Council during the September earthquake – despite weeks of the CBD cordon and considerable ongoing disruption – has seen it rank highest in the country in terms of business satisfaction, with 16% of Christchurch businesses satisfied with their council’s support.

Of all the provinces surveyed, Taranaki had the lowest levels of business dissatisfaction, with only 17% of businesses dissatisfied with the support of the council, and 9% satisfied.




  1. Rene says:

    I thought this website was about transport issues?

  2. Andy says:

    @Rene, You obviously did not read the “About AKT” section.

  3. Jon C says:

    @Andy Thanks - indeed.
    It amazes me that bloggers get told off for what they write about.
    It’s their site and (sadly) they pay the bills!

  4. William Ross says:

    @Rene That is very ungracious and mean. This site gives us more transport news than any other news media source.
    I can’t believe the effort put in to photographing and covering events and developments.
    It would be nice if people said thanks once in a while. I dread the day Jon gets pissed off with such comments and walks away.

  5. max says:

    The only rule Jon C “has” to follow in writing his blog is to be interesting enough to keep us coming back.

    He’s doing so very successfully, and in a very profilic way, so why should anybody be disappointed when not 100% of all his posts are interesting to everyone?

  6. Rene says:


    I will be the first person to applaud the quality and breadth of transport content on this site. It is exceptional and in my opinion without peer.

    @ Andy I have read the about AKT section.

    However in the interests on reporting non transport related news then this article isnt balanced. If re-producing another news article (which this is) then citing statisitics needs to have the full story not just the hand picked numbers. Not being “mean” or ungracious” just pointing out there should be consistency thats all. I will do the same for any blogger.

    P.S Keep up the good work Jon. I read the site daily and have recommeded it to others.


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