Baldwin Ave Closes Next Week


The early part of 10 week construction programme at Baldwin Avenue is going well - leading up to the closure of the station which happens on Friday week.

Workers were busy once again at the weekend building the new west-bound platform, opposite the existing east-bound platform. That should be finished before Christmas.

The present station is beyond the CATS  in the picture.

The station will close until early February - the rest of the rail network is closed from Dec 26 to January 9.

The east-bound platform is being upgraded, the existing west-bound platform removed, the tracks and level crossings upgraded to accommodate the new station, there will be new shelters, electronic passenger information displays and landscaping.  KiwiRail will also carry out track and sleeper renewals through the area over the next two months.

The present access to the station from Caughey Place/Wesley Ave, which will be closed permanently because the station platform has moved.  The new west-bound platform will be located well away from there and the tracks are also being moved closer towards Caughey Pl, meaning there won’t be room for a footpath.

Only two and four car trains are presently stopping at Baldwin Ave because of the platform problem. From Saturday week, locals will have to use Mt Albert or Morningside stations or catch a bus. Nearby Mt Albert Grammar, some of whose students use Baldwin Ave, closes for the term this Wednesday so won’t be affected.




  1. Andrew says:

    “…the tracks are also being moved closer towards Caughey Pl…”

    Is this shunting the tracks to the side for electrification access, or are they finally easing curves?

  2. Railman says:

    could not say. The easement of that particular curve would be minimal. It could be due to electrification project or simply moving the track towards the edge of the new platform edge. The track is being replaced anyway.


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