Today’s Problems?


Did anyone else have problems today?
This morning a reader writes:

I was on a Western line train heading for Britomart. Left Baldwin Ave on time (1037am) but only got a few hundred metres before stopped by all red signals. In 45 minutes we finally managed to crawl into Morningside Station where I left the train for a bus. During that 45 minutes no trains came the other way. The train manager said it was ‘signal failure.

And at peak time around 5pm this afternoon another reader writes:

Veolia’s promise to improve coordination rings hollow again.
I’m on a train citybound. Got on at Avondale wanting to go to newmarket. Train ran express avondale to britomart. No announcement at avd that that was going to happen. Surprised pax at all stations we shot past says they didn’t tell them either. Writing this as we approach the bmart tunnel. Scuse the shorthand!



  1. Andrew says:

    CBT forum discussion blames Veolia’s KPIs.

    Quoting Geoff from that forum:
    This is where Veolia stuff up every time things go pear shaped. They miss stations to make up time, even though trains are still running every 15 minutes. What they are doing (mistakenly) is intentionally inconveniencing passengers in order to get trains back into their intended slots, even though the actual service frequency is running ok, which is all that matters to passengers.


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