More Motorway Webcams


14 more webcams have been commissioned on Auckland’s motorway network by the NZTA.

11 cameras are being installed on SH20, 2 more on SH1 and one at the Johnstones Hill Tunnels on the Northern Gateway Toll Road [SH1].  Images from the cameras are updated every 60 seconds.

Their locations are:-

SH20: Gloucester Park, Onehunga, Rimu Road, Crawford Avenue, Coronation Road, Puhinui Road, Nesdale Road, Plunket Avenue, Lambie Drive, Barrowcliffe Place, Great South Road.

SH1: Goodwood Drive, Rainbows End.

Northern Gateway Toll Road [SH1]: Johnstones Hill tunnels

Camera images can be viewed on the NZTA’s Auckland traffic website.

50 webcams now operate in the Auckland region.  They also operate in Tauranga, Waiouru, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch





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