Anyone For Mini Golf?


Everytime I look at the new cormer of Sandringham Rd and Walters Rd (leading to Eden Park), I want to rush over and play mini golf or backyard cricket.

After a year of construction during which the corner was widened, it looks.. well to me like a great place to get a game in with mates before attending a rugby or league match at Eden Park.

Of course it is in keeping with the new walkway which was opened last week by the Mayor.

Good to see those pedestrian lights outside the station and opposite Walters buzz regularly and stop the traffic even if no one has pushed the buzzer - like some pedestrian lights do now in Queen St.




  1. Matt L says:

    I have been keeping an eye on that corner from the train every morning and quite like what they have done. I was certainly surprised when I saw the bright green and I quite like it, and the flag.

    These two areas as well as Teed & Osborne Sts in Newmarket show that we can do some nice urban design and gives me great hope for the shared spaces in the CBD.

  2. antz says:

    LOL! does look like a place where you can play mini golf eh?

  3. rtc says:

    Yes I much prefer the traffic lights that cycle through regardless of the trafiic or if people have pushed the buzzer. The worst ones are those that only change signals if the weight of a car comes across, as a cyclist I often couldn’t get through some lights until a car came along as my bike was too light. What’s even worse though are the traffic lights such as those on Gt. North Rd which have a platform for pedestrians to stand on when they push the button, if you don’t stand on the platform and wait the pedestrian signal never comes on.

  4. Andrew says:

    @rtc, the sensors don’t go by weight, they go by magnetism. Try lining your bike wheels EXACTLY with the centre grooves of the detector loops, works for me just about every time.

    I wonder though if the Kingsland lights are cycling due to a fault - stuck button, maybe?

  5. max says:

    While I am stongly in favour of lights signaling automatically for peds in a normal intersection, a pedestrian-only signal should NOT operate this way. It only encourages unsafe driving by motorists pissed off at having to wait when no one crosses.


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