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Here is how to get to this Saturday night’s Coca Cola Christmas in the Park.

It will be the first major event that the new Grafton train station will be used for since opening in April.

People going are encouraged to use public transport as a number of road closures and parking restrictions will be in place around Auckland Domain.

Additional train services will operate to Newmarket and Grafton Stations - both within walking distance of the Auckland Domain.

If  you are travelling to the Domain on the Western line, Grafton Station will be your primary drop-off point. Access to the Domain is a short walk from this station - walk map here

Additional rail services will operate following the concert from Grafton Station for passengers heading West.

If you are travelling to the Domain on the Southern or Eastern lines, Newmarket Station will be your primary drop-off point. Access to the Domain is a short walk from this station  - walk map here

Additional rail services will operate following the concert from Newmarket Station for passengers heading South or East.

People using the Southern Line should use Newmarket Station which is about a 15-20 minute walk.

Normal train fares will apply.



Pedestrians are warned to remember to take care walking over the rail level crossing on Kingdon Street.

BUSES Bus services are being operated by individual bus operators, including Ritchies, NZ Bus and Howick and Eastern. - details here

CARS Park Rd, Carlton Gore Rd and Domain Drive, as well as other roads around Auckland Domain and within it will be closed from 4pm to general traffic.

If you have specific questions go to Maxx or ring 09 366 6400 or 0800 10 30 80

CONCERT: Starts 7.30pm. Rain date Sunday. Details of concert here



  1. Matt L says:

    Interesting that they would send the walking route over Kingdon St when they could just as easily send people via Davis Cres or further along Broadway both of which completely avoid the rail line.

    Speaking of Kingdon St, what are the long term plans there, I hope they keep it closed but also do something to further improve the pedestrian level crossing with a bridge or something similar.

  2. Sam says:

    That is interesting- the plan doesn’t seem that clearly thought out. I also find it alarming that there are only 4 trains in an hour on the Western line to carry all the Western train users from an event of 350000 people AND they are all scheduled to stop at Baldwyn Ave.

    400 people x 4 trains = 1600 people.

    therefore, only 0.4% of concert goers are expected to catch trains on the entire Western line… when 40% catch them to Eden Park events. they should have at least 10 minute frequencies and all 6 car trains for tomorrow night I believe. They don’t all need to start at Britomart, so I cant see why there are capacity issues- why cant they line a couple up between Newmarket and Grafton and along the third line at Newmarket?

    No doubt in these situations its actually cheaper to run more trains because its actually possible to collect fares… unlike during the crush loads of the Santa parade, which all central Aucklanders at least traveled free to. (I am assuming that when a train has no seats, it is profitable to run- really hope this is true!)

  3. max says:

    I’d suspect Kingdon Street will remain closed. There is a very close-by alternative, and reopening it would be bad for train scheduling. And they have not reopened it for over a year after closing the station there now…

    The shops don’t seem to suffer - there’s huge amounts of ped traffic through there, though I would have liked the level pedestrian crossing to be relocated closer to the Kingdon Street line.


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