Expressway Effects Judged Minor


NZTA consent applications related to the building of the Ngaruawahia section of the Waikato Expressway have been granted in a decision by independent hearing commissioners appointed by Environment Waikato and Waikato District Council.

The hearing report said that with appropriate conditions applied to the consents the environmental effects of the proposed activities would be “minor” and “thus the application for the consents can be granted and the [notices of requirement] can be confirmed”.

In a joint hearing report, commissioners also approved notices of requirement from NZTA related to altering existing designations of land for both the Ngaruawahia and Hamilton sections of the expressway.

The consent applications related to earthworks, discharging overburden to land, a bridge over the Waikato River, culverts, wetlands work, groundwater take, stormwater discharge and water take and use.

The notices of requirements related to land required for expressway-related purposes. As a “requiring authority”, NZTA is able to give notice of requirements for such changes but they are subject to scrutiny by local councils.

The report said the efforts of NZTA, submitters and council staff meant NZTA had ensured its proposal and mitigation methods were of a high standard “and we have been able to include those methods in conditions”.




  1. karl says:

    Lol. The effects are always minor. I mean, what’s another couple thousand car trips when we are already well and truly wedded to them? Minor indeed. Another grain on the scale…

  2. John Dalley says:

    I drove to Huntly on Saturday night, and and it still puzzles me that they have not widened the section from North of Te Kauwhata to just South of Rangariri.
    Most but not all of the road works have been completed and apart from some sections only needs the roads formed.
    If this section was completed, there would be a great run through to Huntly.
    Getting around Huntly will be a bit of an effort but would be not excessively expensive.

  3. Martin says:

    @ Karl

    Having grown up in Ngaruawahia I’m happy with this news as it currently bisects the town in half, causing school children to cross the busiest section of rural road in the country.


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