85,000 Here For RWC 2011


RWC organisers say they expect at least 85,000 overseas visitors for the event next year.
44% of them will be first time visitors and the average stay planned is 23 days. While the bulk of visitors (36,500) expect at some stage to visit Auckland, at least 11,000 say they will also travel down the West Coast of the South Island and 18,000 to Otago and Southland.
In a summary of progress released today, the tournament organisers say key match ticket sales and revenue targets have been achieved for 2010.
CEO Martin Snedden said that a total of 864,000 tickets have now been sold, taking them to just short of two-thirds of an overall target of around 1.45 million sales across the 48 matches.This includes 662,000 sold through RNZ 2011’s global public ticket phases.

Martin Sneddon(left) checks out Eden Park

Ticket sales revenue across all programmes to date currently totals $166m. They believe they are on track to achieve the forecast total ticket sales revenue of $268m.
“We knew this sales target was always going to be a big leap into the unknown given that the biggest grossing event previously in New Zealand’s history was the 2005 Lions tour during which the NZRU grossed $24m from ticket sales. We’ve now achieved seven times that figure. In the end, we’ll need to do eleven times that amount to hit budget.”
In addition, the official travel and hospitality programme was tracking strongly, with sales to date exceeding initial forecasts.




  1. San Luca says:

    can someone please tell me how we do not need intercity public transport for this? increased trains hamilton, wellington and maybe services to tauranga seem to be essential

  2. Kel says:

    Steven Joyce probably has 85,000 rental cars waiting at the airport for them all..

  3. rtc says:

    Don’t worry Joyce has rushed through the Victoria Park Tunnel and the Manger Bridge duplication for all of those RWC fans arriving with their cars, no one will use PT, I mean does anyone really use it in the real world aside from the loonies on this forum?

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