Brit Train Gets Diverted To Newmarket


An operational error meant a train travelling to Britomart was incorrectly diverted towards Newmarket resulting in 85 delayed services including 10 cancellations on November 11.

That’s the most interesting and disturbing problem that happened during the month in the latest monthly performance figures.

Onehunga continued to be by far the most reliable line with nearly 92% punctuality.

  • Overall during November, train breakdowns and faults resulted in 86 cancellations
  • Track and signaling problems resulted in 30 cancellations
  • Other issues resulted in 57 cancellations during the month
  • A freight train broke down between Papakura – Pukekohe on November 30 which delayed 66 services including seven cancelled services
  • Two track side fires at Takanini on November 4 and between Sunnyvale and Henderson on November 9 delayed a combined 65 services including 10 cancellations

Here is the performance and punctuality rundown and October’s for comparison. Sadly monthly commuter numbers have not been released since ARC turned into Auckland Transport.






  1. Kurt says:

    There were major delays on the 16th of November 2010 caused apparently by yet another points failure at Britomart, or that’s what I was told when I asked a guard.

    If this is true Britomart has suffered from points and signal failures since the day it opened over 7 years ago and its way beyond teething issues. At least that is what the public has been told.

    What is the problem with this station and what is being done to sort it?

    And yet again as I have noticed on this site so many times there were NO announcements at the suburban stations warning trains were at least half an hour late. I can only conclude that at the information side of things Veolia are hopelessly incompetent.

  2. AKT says:

    @Kurt FYI, AKT has met with Veolia communications staff recently and will continue in the New Year to press for improvements.

  3. Matt says:

    Aren’t there meant to be signalling works being done at Britomart during the shut-down this Christmas?

    Kinda disturbing that the Southern Line has the second-most-reliable trains and by far the worst punctuality. What’s with that?

    Generally those punctuality numbers are awful. And other than on the Western Line, for most of the day that can mean some really long delays between trains.

    Be interesting to compare scrub fire incidences this summer with last summer’s, come April or May. The projected wetter weather should make a difference.

  4. Kurt says:

    Sorry, I meant 16th December 2010.

  5. LucyJH says:

    I think AT should continue releasing monthly commuter figures. It is very positive, generally, for them because it creates good PR around how numbers rising on trains etc…

  6. Sam says:

    @ Kurt & AKT- was on the Maxx Website just a few minutes ago and saw “delays to western line services” scroll across. I clicked on it and got the following (actually useful and informative) message:

    “As at 10.45am Tuesday 21 December: train services on the Western Line are currently subject to delays and short notice cancellation following an incident in the Baldwin Avenue area. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

    Have they actually broadcast info about delays like this before? If not I might even send them a quick email of congratulations!

  7. @Kurt FYI, AKT has met with Veolia communications staff recently and will continue in the New Year to press for improvements.


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