How Brisbane Trains Sort Of Look


As I reported earlier, Australian crime terrorism legislation policed by zealous officials has stopped me from taking a photo on any Queensland train station and even on the train itself, including looking out the window at the countryside.

A pity because the trains are comfortable and run well and so far always on time (they have a near 100% performance record at morning and afternoon peak times) and it would have been nice to show what we might expect in Auckland for a modern city with electric trains one day.

Despite my stern warning for trying to take an iPhone photo of a sign on a country platform, numerous readers have emailed asking me to show them what the Brisbane trains are like. Sorry can’t do. I’m enjoying my holiday and don’t wish to be deported or sent to Guantánamo Bay.

So as not to risk breaking the rules, the best I could do is to draw some pictures of how I remember them after my ride on one today and then, using the premium Photoshop, have tried to create an impression of how they might look.

In case any would-be terrorists have found this post, I remind them this is NOT a true representation but a very loose Photoshop version in which the trains and environments have been heavily disguised and distorted and any station sign made up.

Excuse my poor drawing of chairs inside a train that could be anywhere

Passengers have to press a button to open or close doors to get in or out. Those doors are shaped a little like this drawing.

I made up this sign to present the figures I read at the ticket office

This is not a real platform but how a typical country one looks like.I scrambled the electronic sign wording

This was a toy model I found in KMart a bit like a Brisbane one & I have superimposed a name I found on a train map

A drawing of a sign I saw in a street. The real sign obviously looked more professional than this.




  1. John Dalley says:


  2. Andy says:

    For real photos simply type “Brisbane trains” in google search. Seems many terrorists like to brag about their photos and share them with other terrorists by uploading them to the net. How evil…

  3. DanC says:

    Nice work Jon, great photoshopping ;-)

  4. Willuknight says:

    Here are all the photos I took of Brisbane’s public transport system in February (a lot of really nice photos). Their system is amazing, I love it.

  5. BigBrother says:

    @Willuknight - You are clearly plotting something sinister and you can expect a visit from the police in the near future :P

  6. Shane says:

    Beenleigh, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, is hardly a “country” location! Don’t let the locals fool you, they just talk like that through no fault of their own.

  7. Jon C says:

    @Shane That’s a bit harsh, LOL. The locals seemed warm, wonderful and very intelligent people.


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