Road Toll Stats


The official holiday road toll period finished this morning with 13 people dead on the roads over the Christmas period.

Of the 13 dead, there were:

  • 10 men and 3 women
  • 5 drivers
  • 2 motocycle riders
  • 5 passengers
  • 1 pedestrian
  • 6 in the 15-24 age group.

Police say:

  • 6 of the crashes had suspected alcohol as a factor (54%)
  • 7 of the crashes had speed as a factor (63%)
  • 2 of the crashes, driver inatttention suspected
  • 9 of the 11 dead were killed on open roads where the speed limit is 100km/hr

Overnight there have been two further deaths, a 15 year driver who was fleeing from police died on Auckland’s southern motorway. The pursuit had been abandoned at the time of the crash. The other fatality was of a 19 year old who was a passenger in a campervan which went off a cliff face in a campsite north of Auckland.

This is the third lowest holiday road toll since 1980. In 2006/2007, 9 people were killed, a record low, and in 2004/2005 there were 11 people killed. Last year 13 people also died on the roads. The highest toll was in 2008/2009 when 25 people lost their lives in the holiday period.





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