Animated Auckland PT Map


A bit of a buzz online today about an animated map of Auckland’s public transport system.

An animated map of Auckland’s public transport network from Chris McDowall on Vimeo.

Chris McDowall, an informatics researcher, has put it together and explains it  here.

He explains:

“While sitting on a bus, I sometimes wondered what the transportation network would look like if we could see the movements of the individual vehicles from the air. I would try to visualise the aggregate trajectories as each vehicle carved a path through space-time.”

Among observations he makes to watch out for:

  • The steady pulse of the Devonport Ferry.
  • The speed at which buses hurtle down the Northern Motorway’s new bus lanes.
  • The interplay between buses and ferries on Waiheke Island.
  • The sheer mind-boggling complexity of the system.

Awesome, Chris.




  1. ingolfson says:

    Looks purty. Almost art.

    Next up: trains?

  2. Jimmy says:

    That’s really cool. Especially where the ferries and buses interact.

    The trains are already on there…

  3. DanC says:

    Awesome, the north shore bus way and the connecting buses look like they work well.

  4. DanC says:

    A bit off topic but can’t a bus stops be built on the bridge that goes over the rail at Panmure? Widen the bridge and time the buses with the trains? I know there is talk of bus lanes to Botany but the bridge bus stops could be done relatively quickly and be beneficial to those in the Pakuranga direction and beyond. (also the same needs to be done at Greenlane)

  5. Animated Auckland PT Map - Auckland - AKT…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  6. Andrew says:

    @ingolfon - buses, trains and ferries are all there, they’re just all the same blue. Top: you’ll see East trains distinctively where they cross Orakei Basin.

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