Auck Weekend Disruption


NZTA plans big work on its two major State Highway 1 upgrades – the Victoria Park Tunnel and the Newmarket Connection: Viaduct Replacement projects over Auckland anniversary weekend.

And that will mean temporary changes to motorway access and exit points during that time.

Roads could get congested

Trains will also be off during this period while more electrification work is done and the Baldwin Ave revamp completed in time to open when the weekend finishes.And there are m,any more rail disruptions ahead - see my post here

It will also be a busy weekend around with an Auckland  Seafood festival, the St Jerome’s Laneway music festival and the International Buskers Festival.

The Fanshawe Street on-ramp to the Auckland Harbour Bridge will be closed from midnight on Friday January 28 until 5am on Tuesday February 1 for work associated with the tunnel. Drivers heading north out of the Auckland CBD over this period should use either the Curran Street or Wellington Street on-ramps.The height of the Fanshawe Street on-ramp is being raised as part of a complex programme of works to connect the new tunnel into the motorway network.

The Fanshawe Street off-ramp (southbound), the key entry point to central Auckland from the north, will remain open throughout the weekend.

South of the city, work on the Newmarket Viaduct replacement will affect motorists heading to Auckland International Airport as part of the old viaduct over Gillies Ave is demolished.

Although the Gillies Ave on and off ramps will remain open to allow motorway access to and from Newmarket, there will be no right turn available under the bridge from the southbound off-ramp – the traditional airport route for many - from midnight on Friday, 28 January,  until 5am the following  Tuesday, 1 February.

Over this period, airport traffic is advised to follow the marked detour on the Southern Motorway [SH1] until the South Eastern Highway (Onehunga) exit.

Both closures will not become effective until late on Friday night after most of the holiday traffic has left the city.

The NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker, says the works have been scheduled over Auckland Anniversary Weekend to limit their impact on the city.

“Alternative options would have seen us having to work at nights over extended periods, which would not only delay progress but cause significant ongoing disruption to local residents and motorists.”




  1. Kurt says:

    It has to be said. The travelling publics patience is wearing thin with Auckland’s rail service.

    Although I understood the rationale behind the 3 week Christmas New Year shut down it was still a big ask for the good will of passengers.

    And come this weekend yet again all trains off!

    The eastern line has only been back in use for 5 days with much reduced speeds while the Western and Onehunga lines have been in use for two weeks.

    The continual interruptions to services through complete network shutdowns usually associated with some kind of teething problems when they start up is ridiculous.

    Was there as many staff as needed at Baldwin Ave for example to complete the job in the two weeks the line was out of action completely or was it anticipated that the line would be closed time and again as suits the contractors. Given it is a big move to close the entire network why not have every available day worked rostering staff accordingly for breaks instead of no work being done at all having some public holidays off.

    Add this to the patchy reliability of the services as it is and we are rapidly getting to the point where Auckland train services are a waste of time.

    Surely there is some other way of doing this i.e alternating the eastern and southern line closures or concentrating all efforts on a particular area rather than bits here and there.

  2. Alex says:

    Then below will be dismal reading to say the least ….

    Nothing on MAXX abt Nth shore bus routes with Fanshawe on ramps being closed either ????

  3. [...] Road disruption will also affect motorists during a busy holiday weekend - see road details here But the network will be affected again a few weeks [...]


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